Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will it ever end...?

My best friend called me yesterday morning, she lives about 16 miles north.
She told me that her mother in law was no longer answering the phone,
and she was afraid that the end was near.
She got another call, said I have to take this.
A little later she told me that it was from her husband's father, and they were afraid that 
'Sally' wouldn't last much longer.
By last night she was gone. 

So I guess the answer to my question, is NO it won't ever end.\
I'll try and be more cheery tomorrow.


Tete said...

It will end! It's His promise to us, that everlasting life and Heaven will have no sorrow and no farewells. Just forever of peace and joy and love.
Hang in there- prayers sent your way. We must all make the journey when we are called home. The hard part is waiting for our turn and all that happens before.

NanaDiana said...

OMGosh...You have had WAY more than your share of sorrows and deaths this year. Time to move into brightness and light as Fall sets in. You are a good soul, Jettie- I have always said that! xo Diana