Saturday, December 18, 2010

AN AMISH LOVE by Wiseman/Fuller/Long

Published by Thomas Nelson Publishing

This is 3 Novellas written by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long
All three stories are stand alone, but they all happen in the town of Paradise.

Marriage of the Heart by Kelly Long
Abigail Kaufman was raised by her father, after her mother's death.  She felt unloved, and was looking for a way out of the Amish community.  Joseph Lambert was looking to come back tot he Amish ways, after living  the Englisch way for a few years.  Suddenly, they find themselves married, without ever really knowing each other.  And, to Abigail's dismay, instead of leaving the Amish life, Joseph wants to embrace it...Will they grow together, or be pushed farther apart?

What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller
Ellie Chupp lost her sight in the accident that took her friend, Caroline's, life.  Caroline's fiance, Christopher Miller, leaves the community, and is gone for 5 years. Ellie's fiance had left her shortly after he discovered she would be blind the rest of her life.  Christopher returns, finds his sister is marrying the boy who had been driving the car, the day of the accident.  He wants her to break the engagement, because of his loss.  Will he succeed, or will he discover the truth of that day 5 years ago?

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman
After their children were all grown, Naaman Lapp walked away from his wife, Levina, and was gone for almost a year.  He returns, and Levina is unsure of his intentions, even when he says he is home to stay.
Then word comes that a sheriff from Ohio, where Naaman had been living at his cousins, has shown up in the community of Paradise, and is looking for Naaman.   What has Naaman done during the time he was gone, to have the law looking for him?

All three of these stories are really well written, and enjoyable.  I think that anyone who likes Amish writing will be happy with it.  It gives you a chance to check the different writing styles of these three authors.  I have a favorite, but I'm not saying which, as everyone should draw their own conclusions.

I received a free copy of this book to read and review from Thomas Nelson Publishing.  I received no other compensation.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A RUSH OF WINGS By Kristen Heitzmann

Bethany House Publishers

Noelle St Claire, the daughter of a prominent lawyer, is on the run, but she isn't sure who or what she is running from, she only knows she has to hide.  She places a cryptic call to her father, and, paying cash for tickets, ends up in Juniper Falls, a tourist town in the Rocky Mountains.  When she can find no place to rent,  the man at the general store recommends she check with Rick Spencer, who owns a couple of cabins a little further up the road. 
Morgan, Rick's brother, is very attracted to Noelle, but she only offers him a small part of her friendship. 
Rick, who owns the ranch, trains and raises horses, and Noelle wants to help him train a particular horse, Destiny.   When fall arrives, and everyone leaves for the winter, Rick tells her that she can no longer stay there, it wouldn't look right. 

For 381 gripping pages, you learn, as Noelle discovers, the reason for her fear and her weird dreams.  Will she learn the full reason, and be able to move forward with her life?

I read a lot of books, and I know a great book when I read it, this book is a great book. at least 5 stars...
I recieved a free copy of this book to read and review from Bethany House, I received no other compensation for my review.  I am not required to give a favorable review, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Under the Overpass, a journey of Faith on the streets of America
Foreword by Fancis Chan
This is the Updated and Expanded edition.

Multnomah Books

Have you ever wondered how it would be to be homeless in America?  To wander the streets, trying to live day to day?  To find safe places to rest your head, when you are exhausted, and need to sleep? 

In 2003, Mike Yankoski got the idea to see how life was on the streets, and finally convinced his parents, and a few others that he was serious about finding out.  Sam Purvis accompanied him on this 5 month trek into what some would call the underbelly of humanity. They took no money, just a couple of guitars, a couple of sleeping bags purchased from thrift stores and a backpack each.   They lived in 6 different cities in the 5 months they were homeless.  They ate, slept, and lived just as the other homeless people did, even resorting to eating other peoples left food, and sometimes out of trash cans.  They panhandled, playing their guitars for whatever people would give, to survive.  They played Christian music, and talked to the other homeless about Christ.  They visited many churches, and sometimes the 'welcome' they received wasn't exactly what they expected.  Even to being asked to leave by several.

I'd say this book tells it pretty much how it really is for the homeless.  Mike did leave out the profanity but he stated that it was to save our eyes, not that it wasn't abundant.

This book got me to thinking, why do we think we need more and more and more 'stuff'?  Is it really necessary to accumulate all these possessions?  Do they really make us happy?  To me the answer was an unequivocal No, they are like a saddle on our back. 

The most compelling sentence in the whole book, for me,  "We are responsible to help others toward hope in Jesus' name.  But we are not responsible for their choices."
A 5 Star book all the way.


This book is scheduled for release about April 1, 2011
Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville TN

Marianna Sommer is 18, her birth date is the same date as the death of 2 of her sisters, when their buggy was hit by an 18 wheeler.  Raised Amish, she's always known about her sisters deaths and feels as if she doesn't quite replace them, so she has been a dutiful, and industrious daughter her whole life.  She  plans to join the church in the fall, and hopefully marry Aaron Zook.
Her older brother, Levi, has left the Amish life, and works and lives in a community nearby, to the shame of his family.  When a younger brother mentions that he will go live with Levi, when he reaches the age of Rumschpringe, Abe, their father starts talking of moving to Montana, with the family. 
Marianna at first plans to stay in Indiana, but when her father tells her that her mother is expecting another child, and will need her, she agrees to go with them, for 6 months, to help until the baby is born.  They pack their belongings, including the quilt that she plans to give Aaron, when it is finished, and board a train to Montana. 
The Amish community is quite small, and things are very different for Marianna, and the whole family.  She meets Ben on their arrival, who is not Amish, so she tries to keep him at arms length.  Before long, she decides to finish her quilt, and sell it to get the money to go back to Indiana, before she becomes to attracted to Ben. 

This is a very good book, not like most Amish stories, that I have read.  I liked that it tests the boundaries and asks why things are the way they are.   Tricia Goyer has done an excellent job of writing, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Time to Embrace by Karen Kingsbury

A Time to Embrace
Timeless Love Series
by Karen Kingsbury
Thomas Nelson Publishers

After almost divorcing just a few months earlier, John Reynolds, coach of the Marion High School football team, and his wife, Abby, are again madly in love, and as happy as they have ever been in their marriage.  Then rumors begin surfacing of Coach Reynolds' knowledge of some of the football team racing on the streets, and drinking.  Soon he wonders if he will even finish out the year, and if he does, he plans on resigning, and doing something else with his life.

Have you ever read a book, and felt you 'knew' the characters?  This is the way I feel about John and Abby Reynolds, their daughter, Nicole, and her new husband, Matt.  And really, every character in this book. I laughed and cried right along with them. When I chose this book, I had an opportunity to  to review Karen Kingsburys A Time to Dance, which is the book before this one in the series. I will soon be reading that book, too, as soon as I can purchase a copy.

I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze, to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  The opinions expressed here are my own.