Monday, January 26, 2015

A drive and some photos

We had an errand to run this morning, and decide to take the old highway west, and enjoy the sunshine.
We made a little side trip off the main highway, and found these enjoying the sunshine, and not minding the cool water.

We were the only ones within a mile, so they didn't pay a lot
of attention to us, except when we were right beside them.

 Then we drove on west, and crossed the bridges, and I got this shot you can see the road, the water, and houses on other side of the lake.

 These are beautiful homes, click on the photos to enlarge them to see better.

And here is the big power plant, in my album, I can enlarge this
to see the lines on the stack.

We drove a bit farther west, ate lunch, then headed back east to visit with Jerry's brother for awhile, he is in rehab at one of the nursing homes for at least another week.  Got to visit with his youngest daughter, Liz, it is hard to believe that I was the first one that held her after she was born, I got to carry her down to the nursery. She now has 6 children of her own, and the youngest has the brightest red hair I have seen in a long time.  It just glows.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Recycling 101

Remember last February when we had the ice storm, and 2 trees landed on our roof.
this guitar body is made from the Hackberry tree.
Jerry was going to make a piece of  lumber, 2x8 or something, to use in building.
When he sawed it, the grain just popped out.
So instead he glued up and cut out this blank
The center piece is Walnut. 

The Neck doesn't have
a finish on it yet.

but here it is.

Note the pencils and pens,
those are my spacers so I can move the body around
as I put the finish on the parts.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Christmas Play

Our new minister and his wife, Brother and Sister Ellis,  have jumped in with both feet, and got together a Christmas Program with all the  children participating.  
They have only been with us about 6 weeks, but they convinced all the kids to do their part, and everyone showed up.
Top Left: Joseph aka JD.  One of the lambs,   Joseph, Mary, the Angels angel on left is known as Skylar, (standing) more lambs, a donkey, and some of the shepards.

Mary playing bashful.
Later in the kitchen, as we were getting things together, and that is one of the shepards, aka known as Stephen.
Then all the participants as they gathered, waiting for the call to start the play.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

DIANNA'S WINGS by Cindy Loven

This isn't my regular review.  I was asked by a friend of mine, Cindy Loven, if I would review her first book, Dianna's Wings, The parables of Trevor Turtle.  It is a wonderful story of how Dianna, a Dragonfly, wants wings like a butterfly, not thinking hers are pretty at all.  Trevor Turtle tries to show her that she is beautiful just the way she is.

If you have children or grandchildren of preschool age, up to about 6, I'm sure you will find yourself reading this book many times.

I was given a digital copy of this book by the author, no other compensation was given.  All opinion expressed here are my own, and I highly recommend this book to anyone with young children.

Whooo Hoooo Cindy, Love you, and I love Trevor and Dianna.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Aucton Finds and other stuff

The drive we took on Saturday, aren't the colors bright.

I love these old rock houses, 
this one is still being lived in, and has a new roof. 

Nothing like snapping photos 
going down the road at 55 miles an hour. This is pretty shot but the day was cloudy so the colors don't show as well as I would have liked.

Tile tile and more tile, I got a full box of this white tile, a full box of the black to match it, 

5 boxes of this tile, all sealed, it is a 1"x1" tile put together into a 1 ft x 2 ft white and I suspect it is all the same.

Then there is at least 2 boxes of this 2"x2" tile, which is gray speckled polished tile.
I'm thinking cabinet top, in my bathroom, it is in 1 ft x 2 ft sheets.

My $10 sewing machine and cabinet.. and I think the thing setting on top of it, is a bed tray or lap desk, top is missing but that is ok.
I love the pattern of the grain on the sewing machine cabinet.

And then there is Booger, looking out between the blinds.  He had his paw on them, holding them open, until I got the camera ready to snap the picture...

and then there is the bucket I just had to have, at the auction.  It is cute, I think.

Monday, September 29, 2014

THE RIVER by Beverly Lewis

Bethany House
314 pages

The River is a gripping novel of an Amish family, reeling from the loss of their 3 daughters, one drowning the River, and the other two to the world.  Tilly is married and has twin daughters that have never met her parents, and Ruth is still unmarried after having a bad experience with her Amish beau before she left home.

When the father becomes ill, Tilly and Ruth agree to come home to help celebrate their parents' anniversary, and hope to help convince their father to have the pacemaker put in, that the doctor says he needs to survive.  They also feel the need to deal with the death of their young sister, Anna, who both feel guilty because they felt they hadn't done enough.

I've never read a Beverly Lewis story that I didn't like, and her books get better every time she writes a new one.   I give this book 5 stars for the twists and turns that she has managed to work into the story, without making it seem contrived.

I was given a copy of this book to read and review by Bethany House.  I was given no other compensation, and am not required to give a favorable review.
All opinions expressed here are my own.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Special Prayer Request for a dear friend

Last night, I received an email from a dear friend in California.  I won't give her name, because her family hasn't all been notified of her condition just yet.  Any way, she's been in the hospital for about 3 weeks, got the results as small cell cancer, and she has trouble swallowing, so they descovered that she has a tumor that has encircled her escophagus  (hope you can figure it out, I'm still asleep) and she also has COPD.
This lady is one of the sweetest people I know, she'd help you any way she could.    I'm asking for lots of healing prayers for her, and I hope God hears every one and touches her with his healing touch.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate all my friends in Blogland.