Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2020 what a way to start the new year.

Just before January started my left hip, yep the one that has caused all the trouble started itching, a day later a hematoma developed, yeah another one.  I called my Orthopedic surgeon immediately and on January 3rd he said I'll see you Monday at the hospital, we're taking everything out and putting in a Medicated spacer.   Monday arrived, yes January 6th, I got to the hospital and was prepared for surgery.  I do remember being wheeled into the operating room this time. 
Tuesday morning my surgeon came in to see me, and told me that my hip ball was cold fused to the stem it fits on, and even a hammer and chisel would not budge it after 15 minutes of trying, and the alternative was not something we wanted to do, split the bone remove the stem then let the bone heal before they could put the new parts in, at least 3 months laying flat on my back, no way to get up.  So they decided to just put al back together and fill me full of all kinds of antibiotics, and staple me up.  I looked at him and said that I had prayed all the way to the hospital, and our church had prayed too, that God would take control, and I told him it was God holding that ball in place.  He told me that in over 8000 surgeries, he had never seen this happen, he had heard of it, but never had it happen in his practice. So I could very well be right. 
I'm home 24 hr a day antibiotics for 6 weeks, and 2 other antibiotics,  My doctor tells me I am a difficult patient.     I laughed.  yes I still have my sense of humor after 6 surgeries.   We are waiting to see how things go,  so I read and sit looking at the new paved road in front of my house..