Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels

When Rosie Gardener married Kent Bliss, she had turned her back on her best friend,
Vickie Winters, who told her she was making a big mistake. Now, 3 years later, Rosie had her eyes opened to what Kent was really like. When he didn't show up for their anniversary dinner, she'd had enough, and kicked him out.

Shortly thereafter, she reads in the paper that Vickie is back in Savannah, and makes arrangements to speak to her. They pick up their business right where Vickie had left off, when she'd left town.

Rosie decides to go to work on her weight, which has ballooned during her marriage. Her housekeeper hires Jack Silver as a personal trainer for Rosie, and soon her weight is dropping. And her attraction for Silver is giving her a reason to keep going. He convinces her to train for a race that will happen in the fall, and she decides to gife it a go, and also decides it is time to file for divorce.

Someone, breaks into her home, not once, but at least twice, searching for the Lottery ticket that they think she has, which is worth Millions. Then her purse is searched, and a gun is taken from Jack's car, while they are canoeing at the river. She knows it is Kent, who suspects she has won the lottery, and wants his half, or maybe the whole thing.

This book is quite interesting,and builds to a surprise ending, at least to me.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Friday, December 04, 2009

Purchased a couple of books today

I'm out of reading material, and didn't feel like driving to the library, where I usually go. So while we were out and about today, I found 2 books that sounded interesting, and I'll read them, then donate them to the care center, for others to read. Many of the older citizens can't afford to buy books, so passing them along for their reading pleasure may help.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ghostwriter by Eve Gladstone

When Kim Killian heard that the book she had ghost written for Ben Soares, had won an award, she was both thrilled and saddened. Thrilled that her work had won an award, and saddened that no one would ever know she had written 'Lucky Lady'.

Then Ben Soares is found murdered in her garden, before he could accept the award. And the man she found rifling through her apartment, was best friends with Tony Dalrymple, son of the subject of the book, Lucky Anne Severance. Shortly afterward, Tony was found murdered, and Kim was the last person known to have seen him alive.

Kim and Conor Stark, go looking to solve the mystery of why everyone researching Lucky's death, runs into trouble.

A good book for a rainy evening, not too deep, but interesting.

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