Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thunder Boomers and Ice

If it were just a bit colder, we'd have a real mess.
Right now it is pouring rain, and the tops of the big pines are icy, along with power lines.  It is just beginning to freeze about 8 ft off the ground.

Here is my maple tree..

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You know you are from a small town when

When the whole family, and most of the town shows up
when American Pickers 
is in town filming.
This shot was taken by one of the young ladys from church.

This is my son in law, Brian
And here is Stephen.
Granted, you can almost see this place that they are picking, from Brian's house, but from what I hear
there was quite a crowd..

Here is my daughter in law, Robin, with Frank Fritz.
I wanted to clean the photo up a bit, and if I do get it done, will repost.
This was taken just as the pickers were leaving.
I hear Danielle was there, instead of Mike Wolf.

No, we didn't show up, but from what I hear, there was quite a
crowd watching. 
I hear there was a UHaul truck located nearby, so I guess they may have talked 
Cotton into selling a few of his treasures.
I'll get a photo of the place they were picking,
and add it to this post later.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lap Steel from start to finish

My dear hubby with try anything once.
He loves to create and build things.  And over the past couple of years he's discovered an interest in building musical instruments.  He has bought several guitars, a drum set, a keyboard, a harmonica, and a few other things.  But recently, he has discovered Lap Steel Guitars.  

Before Christmas, he decided to build one, just to see if he could. 
He didn't bother being fancy with the first one, in fact it was never even coated, just raw wood.
But, it plays pretty music, so he decided to build another one.

Here is the glued up blank, walnut center, maple white strips, and 
cherry outer wood.
I didn't get photos of the 
cutting process. 
But here
it is before it was strung, beside the original one, 
notice the markings, to show the fret numbers on the prototype.

Drilling to secure the pegs, so he can string it.

And the finished product being tested.
After the strings set for awhile, and stretched,
he retuned it, and it sounds much better.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hectic Week

I don't mean I overworked or anything, it has just been a week that I'd like a do over on.
Sunday, Flash the Wonderdog got out, ran all over the neighborhood for about 2 1/2 hrs before we finally gave up.  As I was leaving for Church, he ran into garage, and I let door down, then dragged him back through the house and into the fenced yard.  This is him as a little shaver, now he is about 4 times this large and still looks the same.

Yesterday, he pulled the same trick, both he and Buddyboo were out.  Buddyboo was standing barking at a tree, of course there was a cat up there.  Caught him, then fixed the fence, again, different spot.  Finally, Flash ran back into the garage, so I got him back in the yard, again.  This only took about 2 hrs, lol.

There have been some family issues this week, stuff that we have no control over, but still have to think about.  All I can say is that God is in Control, and he knows who the instigators are, and they will pay in his time.   You may hide your evil ways from the world, but you can't hide them from him.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Prayers please

My dear friend, Nana Diana got word yesterday that her brother isn't well.
You can jump over to her blog

and read the details
Please send a prayer up for them, since this is her only 

Diana is a special person, and I am sure her brother is
just as special as she.