Monday, March 21, 2016

Lolli and Pop by Carolyn Snelling

Lolli lives on Happy Street with her family.  Her father brought a puppy home, because the little boy who it belonged to, was allergic to it, they named it Pop.
This is a cute story and has a few more words in it than most childrens books.  I think most young children will love it, and the artwork is just adorable, it is by Izzy Bean
Well worth the price.

I was given a copy of this book to read and review.  No other compensation was given, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In Thistle's Memory

At 10:25 this morning, her heart stopped beating, her wings spread, and she was Heaven Bound.
At 10:25 this morning, my heart was breaking, though I didn't know it yet.  In fact, it was almost exactly 4 hours later when the email came in from her husband, letting me know.

I 'met' Thistle about 13 years ago, online. We had both joined an 'older women's group called MiniSkirts and BellBottoms on MSN.  We found that we had relatives in common, both of us were into genealogy.  Before long, we were exchanging emails, and found we had a lot more in common, including husbands who were 'collectors'.  We would see which one had the most 'stuff'.  Our other friends on MSBB (mini skirts and bell bottoms) got lots of laughs out of us comparing their treasures.

When MSN closed their groups, we moved to another site and continued our group.  And then Facebook became popular, and a lot of the members went there, and didn't visit the group anymore.  Thistle never got on Facebook, but we continued to stay in touch, mostly by email, and irregular phone calls,and made plans to meet in person.

Then I got the email no one wants to get.  My sister in Christ had cancer, she went through chemo, and they thought she had it beat, and we cheered.  Her doctor told her to go out and work on her bucket list.  We put the meeting in that bucket list, and continued to plan.  Then she got pneumonia, and her cancer was back.  She never fully bounced back from the pneumonia, and had many problems, but she still had hope,   She sent me her husband's email, in case she ended up in the hospital, so he and I could connect.  He's kept me updated over the past few  weeks, and when she ended up in the hospital about 3 weeks ago he has made sure to stay in contact.
This afternoon, he sent me a message that she was gone.  I told him I had suspected that, when in the night, I smelled her perfume. she always wore Shalimar,  I even made her soap and body lotion in that fragrance.  Her postman told her he thought something was broken in the box when he delivered it, because his truck smelled of that box.

So Spread those Wings dear Thistle, and explore HEAVEN in all it's glory.
I know you'll be waiting just across Jordan for me, or maybe you'll be the one to come and lead me home.  We'll sit on the banks of Jordan, swing our feet, and enjoy some good silly giggles and lots of hugs.
This isn't goodbye to my special sister, this is SEE YOU LATER