Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Skylar

This is my Granddaughter, Skylar, whose birthday was today.

This is her, and her best friend, Kirstyn, who spent the night, so she could go to 
Skylar's party.

No, this isn't her party, but the guy in this
photo was told

that he had to show up for a short while to attend
Skylar's party
he is our minister.
At about this time, he's seen 
this and realized it doesn't
look like a young lady's cake
at all, and  we haven't got any girls
in our church named Frank.

Frank's wife, and a co conspirator in the

And now for Skylar's real party
Have you ever gone to a painting party?
Well, Skylar's Aunt Robin is an 
Art Teacher, and a very good artist.
She hosts parties for small groups at a
very reasonable price,
this was a 2 hour project,
with cupcakes and drinks for 
a snack, after they got their paintings done.
Left to right
Skylar's Aunt Julie, Kirstyn, Skylar, Shawn, and Hunter.
From their smiles, I think they had fun.

Monday, May 19, 2014

THE MITING by Dee Yoder

an Old Order Amish Novel 
Dee Yoder
Published by Kregel Publications

If you are looking for a feel good Amish novel, where everyone is happy with their Amish community, you won't find it here.  This book is realistic in the fact that not everyone wants to live the plain life, even those that were born and raised in that faith.

Leah Raber is one of those that isn't quite sure she wants to live Amish for the rest of her life.  She has ideas that don't fit into the mold, and she doesn't want to get married, live under a husband's wishes, and have a children right away.  She starts reading the Bible, in her room at night, and finds that others don't live under the same beliefs that the Amish, especially in her district, where the bishop is very strict.  When her Bible is taken away from her, she has decisions to make, about what she wants in life.

I totally enjoyed this book, and feel it depicts life pretty much as it would be, with a lot of young people who were raised Amish.  

I asked Ms Yoder how many books she had written, this is her first Amish book, and I have to say she hit the ball out of the park.  
I hope she follows this up with another novel.  She has written many short stories.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions expressed here are my own, and I am not required to give a favorable review.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Yard sale finds

The local Catholic Church has a yard sale twice a year.
I always find something, if I get a chance to go, so I left hubby home, to answer the phone, and I drove over today.
Here are part of my finds.
Here was my first find, a plaque that
I just had to have.  My husband is an Air Force
Veteran, and proud of it.  He spent 4 years 
keeping planes flying during the Vietnam War.

Second find,
a new w/tags blouse, It took me 5 minutes to get it turned right, lol, and that was after 3 other ladies had given up.

Another new w/tags blouse, 
had to have it.

 And a cute jacket with front insert, so you don't need a blouse under it.  It is really pretty.  Didn't have tags
but it looks like it has never been worn, would love a matching skirt. But I did get a pair of black slacks that will go perfect with them. No photos of the slacks.
Another new w/tags
purple is the in color it seems.

I also got a short sleeve blouse, black and read with other colors, 
will work well with capris this summer.
And then there is a floral skirt, that will go well with several tops, 
if I ever get ambitious enough to shave my legs.
I spent a total of $6.00 on all of this.

and then, here is my Mother's Day gift from
my youngest daughter, Julie.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Spring update

Cardinal baby that jumped out of the nest.
this was 2 days ago.

Can you see me peeking through the leaves?

My south end going north, every time I tried to get a good shot, 
someone turned around

This is the 2 Mourning Dove
hatchlings, the nest is about to fall, so they were sitting on a limb.  One went back to the nest right after this
shot, that is how I got the other photo,
hoping nothing bothers them, I love the call of a Mourning Dove.
Haven't seen our Ring Necks yet this year.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Spring must have sprung

Baby Cardinals that have hatched in the past couple of days.

Mother in waiting, the Dove that has a nest in my maple tree, just outside our
yard fence.

The Phoebe nest on the porch, I didn't want her to nest there, as every time the dogs go in or out, she feels the need to move off the nest, but she didn't listen.

We also have another nest,
I'm not sure what the birds are just yet.
She watches me diligently
but hasn't vacated the nest when I am out there.  
I'm sure it won't be long before I figure it out.