Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Skylar

This is my Granddaughter, Skylar, whose birthday was today.

This is her, and her best friend, Kirstyn, who spent the night, so she could go to 
Skylar's party.

No, this isn't her party, but the guy in this
photo was told

that he had to show up for a short while to attend
Skylar's party
he is our minister.
At about this time, he's seen 
this and realized it doesn't
look like a young lady's cake
at all, and  we haven't got any girls
in our church named Frank.

Frank's wife, and a co conspirator in the

And now for Skylar's real party
Have you ever gone to a painting party?
Well, Skylar's Aunt Robin is an 
Art Teacher, and a very good artist.
She hosts parties for small groups at a
very reasonable price,
this was a 2 hour project,
with cupcakes and drinks for 
a snack, after they got their paintings done.
Left to right
Skylar's Aunt Julie, Kirstyn, Skylar, Shawn, and Hunter.
From their smiles, I think they had fun.


Ellie VanCaster said...

What a cool way to have a birthday party. Did Frank get to make a cross painting also.?
Skylar sure is a pretty young lady and has a killer smile-those boys better watch out when she comes of age. LOL

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful party, Jettie. I love that Frank was so surprised.
Skylar is really growing up. I think she and her best friend look like they could be sisters- so cute--same coloring and everything.

The paint party is a wonderful idea. What a fun birthday party. xo Diana