Saturday, January 23, 2016

JESUS Helps me by Callie Grant

Well Folks, I'm back to Blogging a bit, 
I'm doing mostly Childrens Books now.  

 Isn't this the cutest cover for a childrens Book
And what about this picture of a Swan and her babies?

The name of the book is 
Callie Grant
art by
Missi Jay

I think that any young child will enjoy the photos and
the story is really sweet about all the different types of
birds and how different passages in the Bible fit with how the birds live and nurture their young.    
I wish that I had a small child to share this with, but my youngest grandchild will soon be 13, so I'm going to take the book to church,
and put it in the library there.

I think this would make a wonderful gift to add to a blanket or something to give at a baby shower.  It is all hard pages so they won't rip out easily,
and the cute pictures will draw their attention quickly.  

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