Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghosts again, after all it is Halloween

You all know I have a ghost, if you've read my blog much.  
Always playing little tricks, no bad stuff, just trickery. I've found new towels, exactly like ones we'd purchased, in a different color.  Things disappear then show up later where they are supposed to be, that kind of thing.

Well, my hubby got 'treated' last night.  Guess the ghost likes him.
Several weeks ago,he purchased a nice keyboard, at an auction, and has been trying to purchase the thingamabobs that makes it make different tones and sounds.  Everything from a cowbell, helicopter to you name it.  He'd bid up to about $35 on one thingamabob, and got outbid.  
Last night he walked over to me and said where did this come from?
It was a small plastic bag with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 of the thingamabobs, so I guess you could say well over  $100 worth.  Now they were on his 'table' beside his chair.  I don't even dust it, because of all the precious stuff that might get displaced...
Thank you Pound Puppy 1985, You can eat crackers in my bed anytime for these gifts.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Last of the cucumbers and

Can you see my cucumber crop?
Skylar found some seed spilled in the garage awhile back, and
put them in the planter.   I'm betting by morning they'll be toast, or maybe I should say very cool cucumbers, since it may be a heavy frost tonight.

The Beauty Berries are loaded this year, so I'm thinking a very 
cold and nasty winter.
Thank goodness for the extra wood we were gifted over
the weekend. Enough to get us through into next winter, even if we don't
get the extra 2 or 3 loads we have been promised.

Another shot of the Sassafras which is a persimmon color right now.
It is the one pretty shot of color in our yard right now. 
The Tulip tree isn't so colorful this year, I guess it was too dry for it to show off.
And this is what the sky looked like when I went out to get the above photo.
But it cleared off, so the temperature is going to drop like a rock
and will be down to about 30 by morning.

Flash and his Chair

This is Flash, in case you aren't familiar with my babies.
He is about 4 1/2 years old, and we've had him since he was a very small pup, smaller that my miniature doxie at that time.

Until recently, he resided in the house, but my older dog and him got to fighting and since the older one is about 12 years old and 30 pounds, he stays inside, and Flash was moved outside.  I bought him a dog crate to sleep in, but he's never gone inside it at all.

Recently, we purchased a new recliner, and moved the old one out on the porch, to haul off.  
Before we could get it moved off the porch, Flash decided he liked it, and homesteaded , complete with his blanket.  At first, Buddy would go in the crate, but soon, he decided he wanted in the chair with Flash, which worked out fine.  But shortly, he decided it was more comfy without Flash, so he wouldn't let him in the chair.. .
We started hearing scratching on the door, and thinking that Buddy was ready to come in, we'd open the door to find Flash standing there, and Buddy in the chair.  No he isn't wanting in, he's telling on Buddy for being a chair hog.  It's funny, seeing a huge 80+ pound Pit/Boxer/Lab mix dog telling on a little 11 pound  short legged thing, who he could easily pull right out of the chair.
And, for the kicker, when I try to remove the chair hog, he growls at me, not wanting to give up the spot.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why bite the hand that feeds you?

You'll notice a theme in the cats that are in my photos,
I won't tell you what it is, but you'll figure it out.
This  cat is a tom, another one that loved his mom, and one day about 2 1/2 years ago, he left.

3 days later, we look out, and think we see him
but on closer inspection, find it is a longer haired cat, and has a white flea color on.
She wasn't too friendly, nipping my heels when she could.

A short time later, she presented us with these.
Yes, that is PINK under her front paw.

Now for today's story.
She's never wanted held, and always tries to get down, whenever you do pick her up.
Well, Monday afternoon, we were unloading logs from the trailer.  I went over to sit on the larger log, to rest, while hubby used the tractor to lift the logs off.
Here came Mamma Kitty,
 (we've never named her, really, as she just showed up, and we figured she would eventually move on, but she hasn't.)
Anyway, she rubs against me, and finally jumps into my lap.
I pet her a little, she gets down.
Then, she jumps up again, lays down like she wants petted.
So I comply, and all seems to be going well.
 Suddenly she grabs my finger with her mouth, bites me, and jumps down.
This isn't the first time she's done something like this, she used to bite me as I was walking.
But it is the first time in several months, that she has tried this stunt.

OK, have you figured out the 
theme yet?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

Kregel Publications
Fiction: Christian /Suspense

When the Magazine that she had done freelance work for, closed it's doors without paying for the pictures she had sold them, Camden Bristow was broke.  Then her apartment manager gave her until 5:00pm to get out of the apartment she owes 2 months rent on, before he locks the doors.  Not knowing where else to turn, she leaves NY to go to Ohio to visit her grandmother that she hasn't seen in several years, only to find that her grandmother passed away a few days before her arrival, leaving her the old Bristow mansion, with all it's secrets.

This book has it all, suspense, mystery, romance, and some serious subjects. Melanie Dobson has done a wonderful job of tying it all together into a well written, entertaining, and informative novel. I love the era that it was mainly written about, also. This is the first of her books that I have read, but I will be searching out others.

Refuge on Crescent Hill: A Novel

I was given a copy of this book to read and review. I am not required to give a favorable review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Special Note: Refuge on Crescent Hill will be available on Amazon Kindle FREE for one week starting October 31! So if you have a Kindle, I suggest downloading this book, it is wonderful.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman

Thomas Nelson Publishing

Katie Ann Stoltzfus is a new mother, for the first time, when most women are expecting grandchildren.  Worse yet, her husband, Ivan, walked out on her, before knowing about the baby, and moved in with another woman,  and filed for divorce.  Then he was killed before their baby was born, and she is now a widow.

She is introduced to Eli Deitweiler, a widower with 6 grown and married children.  She feels safe with him, he isn't interested in marrying again, especially to a woman with a small child, since he's raised his family.  Soon sparks fly between them, and she is happy to know he will be leaving soon, to go back home, and then do some traveling.  But attraction is a hard thing to ignore, for them both.

Beth Wiseman  is one of the authors that I love reading her writings.  There is always at least one extra
story, within the main story, and in this book, there are more.  If you are a fan of Amish stories, or even if you just like good clean books, you need to read this book.

I received this book from Booksneeze, to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  I'm not required to give a positive review, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Zombie Church by Tyler Edwards

Kregel Publications
220 pages

Zombie Church, at first I thought that would be a better name for a Fiction Book, instead of a book with a serious subject, but after reading it, I think the author hit perfect title.

Just a few pages into this book, I realized that I've attended a few of these churches over the years.  I didn't realize it at the time, but when you go to church, and come out feeling worse than when you walked into the building, you aren't getting anything from the service.  When the people aren't friendly, or not interested in meeting a new 'face'and you don't feel welcome there, or when the Minister's message leaves you feeling like he's not really interested in the 'new guy' or 'new gal' in the audience, you are in a Zombie Church.   I even quit attending churches, because I felt unwelcome and figured there was something wrong with me. Thank goodness, I finally found a church where I felt the minister had a message, the members were friendly and welcoming, and I stuck with it, and am still there.

This is a good book, well written, and the subject, though serious, is covered in a way that makes you want to keep reading.  I plan on giving this book to our Minister, as it is a subject he has mentioned on several occasions, though he calls it filling a pew.

I received this book from Litfuse to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions expressed here are my own, I'm not required to give a positive review.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We have Twins!!

They were born sometime last night, both girls, no names yet.  Mom wanted to see them before she was sure of the names.  Both weighed over 5 pounds, one was head first one was breech.  Big Brother says he doesn't want any babies, wonder how that will work out?
Waiting for a picture to be posted so I can steal it and post it here.

Thank you Lord, for them both being healthy and good weight.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Have had a busy week, and I'll tell you part of it, if you are interested.

Grandkids were here for an afternoon on Sunday, and I went back to church for revival on Sunday and Monday night.  I had my annual pre screening on Tuesday...Wednesday, well we changed plans at 9:00am and stayed home, skipping the Gospel music and the grocery shopping.   I'm still sorting out stuff from moving the entertainment center..  Hubby had eye appointment on Thursday that was 55 miles away, so we went to that, got home about 5:00pm, after stopping for dinner.  Today, we were supposed to be 60 miles away, at 7:45am, during rush hour, hubby got mixed up so we left at 5:30am, and was there at 7:00am, instead.  Got his blood work done, then waited  until time for his doctor's appointment, and of course the doctor was late.  I met a lady in the waiting room who was crocheting, and we got to talking.  She is making me a set of Razorback Red baby caps for the twins, that are being born today, sometime. She is now 36 weeks and 5 days, I think they said, and her blood pressure is up, so she went to hospital last night, these are the ones who were due on 11-11-11.  I'm trading the lady soap for the caps.  I'm then sewing a appliqued Razorback on them and shipping them to Alaska.

On top of this, I've finished 3 books to revie, and just found I'd missed one, and I still have 3 to review, one of them by MONDAY, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend.....

Hubby's reports at both doctors was good, he doesn't have to go back until 4 or 5 months to eye clinic, and 6 months to Primary care.  He got his flu shot today, and I also got mine while we were gone.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to get some free wood.  We'll see how much there is, the guy said something about at least 4 trailer loads.  WooHoo, no cutting and no having to purchase.  We will have to haul, saw up and split, but that's the easy part.  Felling trees and loading isn't easy on my legs anymore, out in the woods, so I'll take all this I am allowed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

SHADOW IN SERENITY by Terri Blackstock

Zondervan Publishing
Grand Rapids Michigan
315 pages

When Logan Brisco blew into Serenity Texas, he planned on scamming the people of the town for all he could get, then escape before he was found out.  He meets Carny Sullivan, the daughter of a carnival owner, who recognizes him for what he is, because she's seen all the scams, working for her father's carnival, until she left, married  and moved to Serenity when she was 17.
Carny tries to tell everyone that he is scamming them, but no one wants to believe her.  They want to believe he is representing a company who plans on building an amusement park, which they will be part owners.  She starts investigating the information she has, trying to figure out the truth.
He hires Carny to give him flying lessons, and goes fishing with Jason, Carny's son.  He attends church, goes to the town picnics, and before long, Carny isn't sure whether she had him pegged right, or not.

I don't want to give away much of the plot, so just suffice it to say that I really enjoyed this book.  I'd give it 5 stars, it is well written, the story line is really good.  And the message of redemption, both in Carny's life, Ruth, her friend's life, and others in the plot is very real feeling, not overdone at all..  Terri Blackstock, and her publisher, have every right to be proud of this book.

I was given a copy of this book, to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  I am not required to give favorable reviews, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Artist's Rendering

My daughter in law drew this from a very small photo that we had of my great great grandfather.
I'd give anything if my grandmother could have seen this, since he died long before she was born.
It is large enough to fit a 16 x 20 frame, and will go over my sofa, when I get it framed. 

Kindle Giveaway

Click on the above link, and enter to win a Kindle and other prizes sponsored by Bethany House Publishing, and Patti Lacy, author of RECLAIMING LILY.


by Patti Lacy
Bethany House publishers
373 pages

'Joy' was adopted in China, by the Powells, Andrew and Gloria, who had expected to adopt a baby, but instead took an 8 year old girl when they were at the orphanage and told no baby was available there.  At 17, she is confused, rebellious, and her adoptive parents aren't sure how to handle her anymore.

The Powells are contacted by Joy's birth sister, telling them that she needs to meet with them about a genetic health problem that Joy may carry.  Dr. Kia Chang has looked for her sister since the day she watched as Lily, renamed Joy, was led into a van at the orphanage where she had been left, because the family were not supposed to have more children.

Kia goes to Texas to meet the Powells, and their meeting is interrupted by a policeman who tells them that Joy has been arrested for shoplifting.   Kia  goes with the Powells to meet Joy (Lily) and they bond quickly.
Now Kia has to explain to her sister about the health problem.  Will  she rebel again, or will she get to meet her real father and 2 more sisters who are still in China?  Will Gloria Powell accept the help Kia offers?  Will Kia learn that there is really a True God who saves?

Patti Lacy has written a very complex book, though it doesn't seem that way, when you are reading it.  I would give it  5 stars for the writing and the story, as once you sit down to read it, you don't want to stop, until the last page.

I received this book from Litfuse to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions expressed here are my own,  I'm not required to give a favorable review.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sassafras Tea and

Well no, I haven't been drinking Sassafras Tea yet this year, and probably won't, but I do enjoy watching the leaves change on the Sassafras tree out in the corner of the yard.

And across the street, the Sumac bushes and the Golden Rod are turning colors, too.

Yesterday, while heading to church, I noticed 2 different 'clumps' of the 
Sumac within 10 ft of each other, one was really red
the other was more orange.
I don't know if it is two different types of Sumac, or if it
is just a variation in the soil.

Soon more things will start to change color here, and I'll take my camera along, and post more photos.