Friday, October 21, 2011

Have had a busy week, and I'll tell you part of it, if you are interested.

Grandkids were here for an afternoon on Sunday, and I went back to church for revival on Sunday and Monday night.  I had my annual pre screening on Tuesday...Wednesday, well we changed plans at 9:00am and stayed home, skipping the Gospel music and the grocery shopping.   I'm still sorting out stuff from moving the entertainment center..  Hubby had eye appointment on Thursday that was 55 miles away, so we went to that, got home about 5:00pm, after stopping for dinner.  Today, we were supposed to be 60 miles away, at 7:45am, during rush hour, hubby got mixed up so we left at 5:30am, and was there at 7:00am, instead.  Got his blood work done, then waited  until time for his doctor's appointment, and of course the doctor was late.  I met a lady in the waiting room who was crocheting, and we got to talking.  She is making me a set of Razorback Red baby caps for the twins, that are being born today, sometime. She is now 36 weeks and 5 days, I think they said, and her blood pressure is up, so she went to hospital last night, these are the ones who were due on 11-11-11.  I'm trading the lady soap for the caps.  I'm then sewing a appliqued Razorback on them and shipping them to Alaska.

On top of this, I've finished 3 books to revie, and just found I'd missed one, and I still have 3 to review, one of them by MONDAY, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend.....

Hubby's reports at both doctors was good, he doesn't have to go back until 4 or 5 months to eye clinic, and 6 months to Primary care.  He got his flu shot today, and I also got mine while we were gone.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to get some free wood.  We'll see how much there is, the guy said something about at least 4 trailer loads.  WooHoo, no cutting and no having to purchase.  We will have to haul, saw up and split, but that's the easy part.  Felling trees and loading isn't easy on my legs anymore, out in the woods, so I'll take all this I am allowed.

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