Friday, October 28, 2011

Last of the cucumbers and

Can you see my cucumber crop?
Skylar found some seed spilled in the garage awhile back, and
put them in the planter.   I'm betting by morning they'll be toast, or maybe I should say very cool cucumbers, since it may be a heavy frost tonight.

The Beauty Berries are loaded this year, so I'm thinking a very 
cold and nasty winter.
Thank goodness for the extra wood we were gifted over
the weekend. Enough to get us through into next winter, even if we don't
get the extra 2 or 3 loads we have been promised.

Another shot of the Sassafras which is a persimmon color right now.
It is the one pretty shot of color in our yard right now. 
The Tulip tree isn't so colorful this year, I guess it was too dry for it to show off.
And this is what the sky looked like when I went out to get the above photo.
But it cleared off, so the temperature is going to drop like a rock
and will be down to about 30 by morning.


NanaDiana said...

Ohhhh...I see Fall is settling in there too. We had NO vegetables this year-None!

I don't know what beauty berries are but they are gorgeous. Not edible, I am assuming?

Have a wonderful Saturday! xo Diana

Tete said...

Fall looks good at your house- in here just catching up! Love your photos and I need some of those purple pretty!