Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Skylar's idea

Shawn is her best friend's little brother, he is 4, and a typical little brother, into her stuff.
She was afraid that he'd use up the milk bath we made for her friend, so she asked if she could make him some blueberries and cream milk bath.  He LOVES blueberries, eats them like candy.  So she went back to the soap closet, brought out the blueberries and cream oil, and went to work.  I helped her measure, but she tinted it blue, and mixed it all together, until she got it the shade she wanted.  Then she tells me that Shawn only gets half of it, the rest is hers, lol.  And she wants hers in a pretty jar like we put her friend's in, for her birthday.....
So yesterday, my house smelled of blueberries, and the day before, it was chocolate...and today, blueberries again, because they've already requested muffins for when they arrive.
I don't use the little girl's name, since it is very unique, and I'm not wanting to identify the family, without permission.  Shawn is a pretty common name, so I don't worry about that one.

Monday, June 25, 2012

More fun Crafting

Skylar is truly all girl, she loves Jewelry as much as her mimi does.  I've always been a jewelry hound, and love digging through old boxes. I can spend hours just looking.
Well, her best friend's birthday is this coming weekend, and she wanted something to give her for her birthday, that was different.  So we dug through some 'findings' I had purchased over the years, and made 2 of every creation, because you know best friends have to have identical

Here are the finished products.

The teal heart chain, I bought, with some black bead chain several years ago, before Skylar was even born, I think there was something like 8 ft of it.  We cut two of them, then put clasps on those.
The silver chain, I got 6 ft of it, and put the ends on it, found an old pair of dangles from a pair of earrings, and made identical necklaces.  The dangles have mother of pearl on lucite.  
I did make Skylar an extra 'dangle' for her chain, out of semi precious beads I'd purchased at the same time I bought the heart chain.

Then Skylar tells me that her friend loves my homemade milk bath salts. So we go to the soap closet, and start digging through the fragrance oils I have in stock.  After sniffing every one, Skylar decided on 'deep dark chocolate' fragrance.  We measured and mixed the ingredients, had the whole house smelling of chocolate, tinted it a light peach, and put it into a cute candle jar.  Skylar said now her friend wouldn't be asking for her stash of milk bath.

Now with a few pair of 'flip flops' to add to the gift, and a cute box for storing the jewelry, I think the friend will be quite pleased.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh What Fun

Recently while in our local Wal-Mart, one of the CSRs told us that the 4 baskets in the front, everything in them was $1.00, no matter what they were marked.
And if you know me, you know there is nothing I like better than a bargain...
So I sorted through and found 2 hand towels, nice ones, some magic markers, 8 in a package, and several other things...Including 2  
building kits.  
They were regular about $10.00, and I knew the grandkids would be here during the summer, needing something to work on, so I grabbed them.

Skylar asked this morning, could we put the birdhouse together, and Stephen could help us.
I said sure, and after making a pattern of all the pieces, just in case we wanted to make more of them,
 we started.
Stephen found something more interesting, in about 10 minutes, but Skylar
kept working.  I didn't get pictures of it before or as we were putting it together,
 but here is just before she started painting it.

her choices of colors

and no, she isn't showing her finger, lol, shes showing me the blue
as she started painting.

Working away, to get it just as she wants it.
Finished and dry.

And we already have a renter.

See her checking out the inside.

And sitting on the chimney singing her heart out.

Come back another day to see if there are eggs inside.
Also, we have a treasure chest to do, later on.

Speaking of eggs, the lizard eggs are hatched, and all
are gone, I checked late yesterday afternoon and
nothing there anymore.  I sure wanted photos of them, but
it didn't happen.

LUCY COME HOME by Dave & Neta Jackson

If you have read any of the Yada Yada Prayer Group Series, you are familiar with Dave and Neta Jackson's writing.
This is the first book in their new series, A Yada Yada Journey of Hope. This book  introduces the reader to Lucy Tucker, a resident of Manna House Shelter. The book goes back and forth between the present time and the 1940s to better give the reader a sense of Lucy's history and past.
Lucy's family packs up and moves to Michigan to harvest sugar beets, when the end of the depression and the dust bowl cause them to leave their home in Arkansas.  She meets a young man, son of the owner of a carnival, and soon, circumstance puts them on the run, for their lives.
Lucy is now 80 years old and still lives on the streets in Chicago.  Why, after all these years is she still on the streets.  

I enjoyed this book and really liked the insight it gave me on life right after the depression.  Also, it gave me more insight about life on the streets, and why some people choose that life.  I'd give it 4 stars.

I received this book to read and review from Litfuse.  No other compensation was given.  I am not required to give a favorable review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wildflowers from Winter by Kate Ganshert

When Bethany Quinn left home she never looked back, trying to leave her memories of her childhood behind.  She hadn't been home for 10 years, and was working in Chicago, when the call came that her grandfather had a heart attack, so she packed a bag and went to visit him.  While there she made contact with her best friend from childhood, only to find that Robin's husband was dying.
Ending her visit, she goes back to Chicago, only to discover her boyfriend of several years was moving to GA for a job, and that she was being left go from her job at an architectural firm because of the economy.
Then her grandfather dies, so back to the farm, where his farmhand inherits the house and 10 acres, and she gets 500 acres of farmland, which she doesn't want.

I'd give this book 4 stars, it is well written and entertaining.
I was given this book to read and review, by Waterbrook Press.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions expressed are my own, and I'm not required to give a positive review.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cradle me, please!

My daughters are both grown, with half grown children of their own, but I still remember when they were young, and would want something for their dolls. Julie wanted a cradle for her baby doll, like big sis had.  The people in the tax prep place we used had bought Kim one, when she was about 4, but it got stolen, when we moved down here.  So 'Mr P' (copying Nana Diana here) decided to build both girls a cradle....instead of purchasing one at the store, it would be cheaper.
At that time we didn't have a lot of  power tools,but did have a hand saw, an electric saw, sandpaper, this was before the battery powered tools came along.. so we.  started off with those...Then hubby decided that he needed a table saw...and Sears had one on sale, of course.  So, 5 days later, and about $400 poorer, we owned a table saw.  Cradles were built, and actually both are still around. Younger daughter's cradle is in the shop, needs re-gluing .
That has been the story of our building things..I wanted a grandmother clock, so instead of buying one and finishing it out, we spent several hundred dollars on a turning lathe, a planer, and another table saw.  A band saw came next, along with an edger, clamps and  then we had to enlarge the shop to hold all this..

We have built many pieces of furniture over the years.  Each child received an oak blanket chest when they married.  They can be used as a coffee table, but are large enough to hold several quilts and blankets.  We built 3 of those.  .And so it goes. 3 entertainment units, end tables, computer desks,  so I guess the tools have paid for themselves many times over, but the shock of $200 dollar cradles floored me that first time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A bit disappointed, but I'll survive

One of the stores had the I pad type things, but not a big brand, on sale, daughter got one, and I was going to have her pick me up one, but they were out when she went back.  She said they had another one, only $10 higher, she's going to research and see if it has good reviews, if so then I will have her pick it up. I can download books to it, and read, then won't have a huge stack like I gave to the church about 2 months ago.  And  there is still a stack here, that I haven't done anything with.  Yes, I know, I said I was taking a break, and I am, but I can get books from library, with this device.

I finally got a haircut today, I was beginning to need dog tags, and have had a heck of a time getting a decent cut.  I called the shop my friend had told me about, and they do walk ins, so off I went.  15 minutes later, my head was much lighter, and my bushy eyebrows were hacked back.  And they are cheaper than any other shop in town even with  a decent tip..  They don't do colors and stuff  she has allergies, and doctor told her she had to quit, so they did.  I like them, and will be going back.

Then I stopped by the 'new' fabric shop in town, it has been there awhile, but I'd never gone inside.  It is owned by a lady who I have known for approximately 25 years.  We found that she could be my sis, her mother and mine are both JUST need to explain that to most of my friends.
I purchased 2 pieces of fabric to make a baby quilt with, now I have to figure out who is going to have a baby, lol.   I got something that I feel will be suitable for both sexes.  I'll post some photos in a few days, when I wash the fabric.

My fridge quit making ice yesterday, and we ran out...would never happen in December, would it?  Anyway, daughter and son in law stopped by and got about 8 pounds from the ice maker at our church and brought it when they came to pick up Skylar.  This morning, still not making ice...then about an hour later, I heard it kick in and start working.  Guessing something was stuck.  Glad to have it working, even though I hate this fridge, it is a side by side and I'll never have another of them.  But I need a new dishwasher worse than I need a new fridge.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just chattering to myself

Mother lizard is taking care of her eggs, and I'm leaving her alone, except to water around that area.  I read they need moisture to keep from drying out the eggs.
2 grandkids here today, both of them are 9, and without the older one, they get along really well. 
They ordered chocolate gravy and biscuits with eggs.  Skylar likes her eggs scrambled, and Jd wants his runny in the middle.  
Most of you know that I've been reviewing books for over 2 years.  I love reading, and love being able to get free books, without going to the library to pick them up..
My only problem, there are so many books and so little time.   And with summer here, I don't have enough time to read all that are offered.  So, I'm finishing up the ones in the stack, then I'm taking a break until fall.
I won't say I will not accept any books at all, but I'm  making myself cut back.
Yes, the cats are still eating Cantaloupe...

Just some of my favorite pictures of the Princess and Jd.

And one of Stephen and his 'dummy'.

Friday, June 08, 2012

A Little of This, and a Bit of That

 I moved a trash bag a little while ago, that was full of aluminum cans.
Here is what was under it. Mother wasn't happy, can you see her curled
around 2 of the eggs.  There are 6 tiny eggs in that nest.  She is a striped lizard.
I put the bag right back over them, hoping she won't abandon the nest.

I also managed a shot of the white kitten, he couldn't find me.
His eyes are still blue.  And I've spotted a smoke colored one, just a glimpse, so not sure about the full color scheme.
Some of the Cannas out beside the fence, I'll have orange ones later.

I needed something for the Morning Glories to run on, and this old chair was
sitting beside the trash pile, to be burned.  It is broken, so figured it would make
a good stand.

Bell Pepper, I see several in the garden, so I'll keep Watering.

I love old houses, this is about 1/4 mile away, as we were doing about 40 miles an hour, on our trip 
home on Sunday.  I'd spotted it on Saturday, so made sure I took my camera.
I imagine this is similar to my GG Grandfather's home, back in the 1850s.

 School at Shirley AR, this is over the main highway through town.  A very HILLY area, so they
built where they had level ground.  I was surprised to find that the community was 
only established in 1919, most of the area is quite a bit older.
Almost home, this is the Arkansas River about 4 miles from our home.
The little trip on Sunday was quite eventful.  We almost didn't make it up one of the
curvy hills, pulling the trailer loaded with Air Compressor trailer.
Then had a blow out, 45 or so miles from home.  We limped it home, since the wheel didn't touch the ground, only to have the 2nd tire on that side go flat in the yard, right after we arrived home.

So I've shared all the excitement with you, except the sapphire ring I got at the auction.
I did take it to the Jeweler, and it is gold and they are real sapphires.
Instead of scrapping it out, I'm seriously thinking of replacing the one missing stone.
I'll share it with you later, Jewelry isn't something I can photograph well.