Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A bit disappointed, but I'll survive

One of the stores had the I pad type things, but not a big brand, on sale, daughter got one, and I was going to have her pick me up one, but they were out when she went back.  She said they had another one, only $10 higher, she's going to research and see if it has good reviews, if so then I will have her pick it up. I can download books to it, and read, then won't have a huge stack like I gave to the church about 2 months ago.  And  there is still a stack here, that I haven't done anything with.  Yes, I know, I said I was taking a break, and I am, but I can get books from library, with this device.

I finally got a haircut today, I was beginning to need dog tags, and have had a heck of a time getting a decent cut.  I called the shop my friend had told me about, and they do walk ins, so off I went.  15 minutes later, my head was much lighter, and my bushy eyebrows were hacked back.  And they are cheaper than any other shop in town even with  a decent tip..  They don't do colors and stuff  she has allergies, and doctor told her she had to quit, so they did.  I like them, and will be going back.

Then I stopped by the 'new' fabric shop in town, it has been there awhile, but I'd never gone inside.  It is owned by a lady who I have known for approximately 25 years.  We found that she could be my sis, her mother and mine are both JUST alike..no need to explain that to most of my friends.
I purchased 2 pieces of fabric to make a baby quilt with, now I have to figure out who is going to have a baby, lol.   I got something that I feel will be suitable for both sexes.  I'll post some photos in a few days, when I wash the fabric.

My fridge quit making ice yesterday, and we ran out...would never happen in December, would it?  Anyway, daughter and son in law stopped by and got about 8 pounds from the ice maker at our church and brought it when they came to pick up Skylar.  This morning, still not making ice...then about an hour later, I heard it kick in and start working.  Guessing something was stuck.  Glad to have it working, even though I hate this fridge, it is a side by side and I'll never have another of them.  But I need a new dishwasher worse than I need a new fridge.

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NanaDiana said...

Glad you don't need dog tags! I need to get my hair cut, too, or they are going to mistake me for an Alpaca.

love fabric shops. I could spend an hour just looking at all the calicos. we don't have any small stores anymoe- they are all the big ones like JoAnnes'. Sounds like she has a WONDERFUL MOTHER...hahahaha

I hated my side by side, too. Everybody thought I was nuts but I think they are a pain in the butt. I got one with a bottom freezer this time and I love it-

Off to bed here soon- xo Diana

Off to bed here soon.