Monday, June 25, 2012

More fun Crafting

Skylar is truly all girl, she loves Jewelry as much as her mimi does.  I've always been a jewelry hound, and love digging through old boxes. I can spend hours just looking.
Well, her best friend's birthday is this coming weekend, and she wanted something to give her for her birthday, that was different.  So we dug through some 'findings' I had purchased over the years, and made 2 of every creation, because you know best friends have to have identical

Here are the finished products.

The teal heart chain, I bought, with some black bead chain several years ago, before Skylar was even born, I think there was something like 8 ft of it.  We cut two of them, then put clasps on those.
The silver chain, I got 6 ft of it, and put the ends on it, found an old pair of dangles from a pair of earrings, and made identical necklaces.  The dangles have mother of pearl on lucite.  
I did make Skylar an extra 'dangle' for her chain, out of semi precious beads I'd purchased at the same time I bought the heart chain.

Then Skylar tells me that her friend loves my homemade milk bath salts. So we go to the soap closet, and start digging through the fragrance oils I have in stock.  After sniffing every one, Skylar decided on 'deep dark chocolate' fragrance.  We measured and mixed the ingredients, had the whole house smelling of chocolate, tinted it a light peach, and put it into a cute candle jar.  Skylar said now her friend wouldn't be asking for her stash of milk bath.

Now with a few pair of 'flip flops' to add to the gift, and a cute box for storing the jewelry, I think the friend will be quite pleased.

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NanaDiana said...

Here I thought I knew everything about you and I had no idea you had such a fascination with jewelry! How wonderful...and you both did a great job on the necklaces. Just darling...and chocolate bath salts- she will be drinking her bath water! xo Diana