Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cradle me, please!

My daughters are both grown, with half grown children of their own, but I still remember when they were young, and would want something for their dolls. Julie wanted a cradle for her baby doll, like big sis had.  The people in the tax prep place we used had bought Kim one, when she was about 4, but it got stolen, when we moved down here.  So 'Mr P' (copying Nana Diana here) decided to build both girls a cradle....instead of purchasing one at the store, it would be cheaper.
At that time we didn't have a lot of  power tools,but did have a hand saw, an electric saw, sandpaper, this was before the battery powered tools came along.. so we.  started off with those...Then hubby decided that he needed a table saw...and Sears had one on sale, of course.  So, 5 days later, and about $400 poorer, we owned a table saw.  Cradles were built, and actually both are still around. Younger daughter's cradle is in the shop, needs re-gluing .
That has been the story of our building things..I wanted a grandmother clock, so instead of buying one and finishing it out, we spent several hundred dollars on a turning lathe, a planer, and another table saw.  A band saw came next, along with an edger, clamps and  then we had to enlarge the shop to hold all this..

We have built many pieces of furniture over the years.  Each child received an oak blanket chest when they married.  They can be used as a coffee table, but are large enough to hold several quilts and blankets.  We built 3 of those.  .And so it goes. 3 entertainment units, end tables, computer desks,  so I guess the tools have paid for themselves many times over, but the shock of $200 dollar cradles floored me that first time.


Tete said...

LOL- love the story of how you all came together. It's a good thing to build something yourself and pass it on down. Sometimes we forget the initial investment for our supplies when it comes to do it yourself. Same thing with me when I started crafting and had to pick up this and that to make it easier and faster to do it. Saving time makes you more money in the long run, but the new toy did cost a bit to use.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Oh yeah! I hear you- it is always something that (in our house) will probably never be used! At least MrP DOES something with them...and look at all those cheap cradles you would have gone through over the years~ lol

I would love to have a band saw. I did a lot of wood cutouts at one time. xo Diana