Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Skylar's idea

Shawn is her best friend's little brother, he is 4, and a typical little brother, into her stuff.
She was afraid that he'd use up the milk bath we made for her friend, so she asked if she could make him some blueberries and cream milk bath.  He LOVES blueberries, eats them like candy.  So she went back to the soap closet, brought out the blueberries and cream oil, and went to work.  I helped her measure, but she tinted it blue, and mixed it all together, until she got it the shade she wanted.  Then she tells me that Shawn only gets half of it, the rest is hers, lol.  And she wants hers in a pretty jar like we put her friend's in, for her birthday.....
So yesterday, my house smelled of blueberries, and the day before, it was chocolate...and today, blueberries again, because they've already requested muffins for when they arrive.
I don't use the little girl's name, since it is very unique, and I'm not wanting to identify the family, without permission.  Shawn is a pretty common name, so I don't worry about that one.

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Tete said...

Must smell really good there. Nothing like having a closet full of fun to keep them busy and during the summer months, clean as well.
Have a fun day!