Friday, June 08, 2012

A Little of This, and a Bit of That

 I moved a trash bag a little while ago, that was full of aluminum cans.
Here is what was under it. Mother wasn't happy, can you see her curled
around 2 of the eggs.  There are 6 tiny eggs in that nest.  She is a striped lizard.
I put the bag right back over them, hoping she won't abandon the nest.

I also managed a shot of the white kitten, he couldn't find me.
His eyes are still blue.  And I've spotted a smoke colored one, just a glimpse, so not sure about the full color scheme.
Some of the Cannas out beside the fence, I'll have orange ones later.

I needed something for the Morning Glories to run on, and this old chair was
sitting beside the trash pile, to be burned.  It is broken, so figured it would make
a good stand.

Bell Pepper, I see several in the garden, so I'll keep Watering.

I love old houses, this is about 1/4 mile away, as we were doing about 40 miles an hour, on our trip 
home on Sunday.  I'd spotted it on Saturday, so made sure I took my camera.
I imagine this is similar to my GG Grandfather's home, back in the 1850s.

 School at Shirley AR, this is over the main highway through town.  A very HILLY area, so they
built where they had level ground.  I was surprised to find that the community was 
only established in 1919, most of the area is quite a bit older.
Almost home, this is the Arkansas River about 4 miles from our home.
The little trip on Sunday was quite eventful.  We almost didn't make it up one of the
curvy hills, pulling the trailer loaded with Air Compressor trailer.
Then had a blow out, 45 or so miles from home.  We limped it home, since the wheel didn't touch the ground, only to have the 2nd tire on that side go flat in the yard, right after we arrived home.

So I've shared all the excitement with you, except the sapphire ring I got at the auction.
I did take it to the Jeweler, and it is gold and they are real sapphires.
Instead of scrapping it out, I'm seriously thinking of replacing the one missing stone.
I'll share it with you later, Jewelry isn't something I can photograph well.


Tete said...

Sure looks alot like Alton,Mo and area. Its the very southern part of Mo and the northern part of Arkansas.
Seen many old places like that through the years down there. Love the rock wall at the school and the foot bridge over the road. The school looks much like Alton school in color and design, so probably built around the same time.
You can keep the lizard and all the snakes you find there, not my favorite things at all. I never did get used to them.
Well,at least you made it into the yard before the other tire went flat. Geez, that would have been fun trying to change that on the roads there. Curving and straight down? Yep, I would have drove it home, too.

NanaDiana said...

What great pictures, Jettie. I did not realize that you were that close to the river....for some reason I thought you were in hillier country.

I am trying to grow Morning Glories AGAIN this year...for some reason I don't have much luck with them. I put them in my boxes that hang on my porch and I figured if they live I will train them along the porch rail.

That little white kitty is so cute. Looks to be in good health and clear eyed. I hope you can get a picture of the smoke colored one.

That was some trip you took! Glad you made it home safe before the other tire went bad....which reminds me- I need to get the tire on the trailer fixed so I can use the trailer this weekend.

Long to bed early tonight-I hope. xo Diana