Saturday, June 21, 2014

A scenic drive, over the mountain and through the woods,

but not to grandmother's house. 
 Well, I they are grandparents,
 but not related to us in any way.
We'd promised to deliver 2 guitars to their new owners
this afternoon.  The way to get there was across 
Petit Jean Mountain.  
A pleasant drive most days, but
Just as we topped the mountain, and leveled off,
this is what happened.  
It downpoured all the way across the top, until just before we started down the back side
Here is the overlook, and as you can see, everything was wet and the clouds were beginning to break up.  I wanted to stop, but it was still sprinkling...Maybe on the way back...

I took some photos of some curvy roads, and some mini hills, that if you drive fast, you're tummy will drop, but some didn't turn out so great.

On the way back, it was sunny, and 
most of the road was dry
Here is the site of the old CC camp that was on the mountain. 
Daddy tore one of them down, for the lumber, when they were 
being removed, after the park became a state park.

Hoped for a better shot of the state park sign.

A short of the Arkansas river, as we come down 
on our side of the mountain.

And a shot of the another location, as we were heading 
this direction.

And then,
Some color in our yard.

Thank you for taking the tour with me,
I tried to get a shot of the old buggy, but
it didn't turn out so great.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stop Thief!!!!!!!

Skylar and Stephen spent all day Friday and 
until about 12:30pm on Saturday with us.
Skylar brought a couple of her 
small dolls
 and a thief stole them.
Here is Bubba, discovering 

He's checking her out
trying to decide what he is going to do with her.

He know's he's been caught, 

Trying to hide dolly
until Skylar forgets
about it, and moves on.
She got my camera, and 
saved the evidence
of his doll playing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What a Beauty

This morning
while dealing with 
tech support because
internet wasn't working, 
I look out the window, and this is what
I see on the other side of the screen.

 Underside of 
the butterfly, from inside the house.

And now
we go outside, 
here is the
other side of the butterfly 
It is a Lepidoptera.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Appalachian Serenade by Sarah Loudin Thomas

This is a Novella by Sarah Loudin Thomas that precedes her book, Miracle in a Dry Season.  It starts when Delilah moves from Chicago, to her sister's home in Wise, West Virginia after her husband dies.  She has no children, and really doesn't think her sister's husband wants her there. She is getting to know her young neice, Perla, and adjusting to the change, when her sister announces that they will be moving, because of her husband's job.  Delilah finds work at the local store, and loves working there, and really likes her boss, not realizing he is falling for her. 

Will she stay in Wise, or will she move with her sister and her family?
This is a surprisingly good Novella, and the price is right, you can download it free from  Can't beat the price, and you'll also get the first few chapters of the book that follows, when Perla moves back to Wise, and stays with her aunt Delilah.  I sure hope I'm chosen to review the book, Miracle in a Dry Season, I can tell you that what I've read so far, is very good.