Saturday, June 21, 2014

A scenic drive, over the mountain and through the woods,

but not to grandmother's house. 
 Well, I they are grandparents,
 but not related to us in any way.
We'd promised to deliver 2 guitars to their new owners
this afternoon.  The way to get there was across 
Petit Jean Mountain.  
A pleasant drive most days, but
Just as we topped the mountain, and leveled off,
this is what happened.  
It downpoured all the way across the top, until just before we started down the back side
Here is the overlook, and as you can see, everything was wet and the clouds were beginning to break up.  I wanted to stop, but it was still sprinkling...Maybe on the way back...

I took some photos of some curvy roads, and some mini hills, that if you drive fast, you're tummy will drop, but some didn't turn out so great.

On the way back, it was sunny, and 
most of the road was dry
Here is the site of the old CC camp that was on the mountain. 
Daddy tore one of them down, for the lumber, when they were 
being removed, after the park became a state park.

Hoped for a better shot of the state park sign.

A short of the Arkansas river, as we come down 
on our side of the mountain.

And a shot of the another location, as we were heading 
this direction.

And then,
Some color in our yard.

Thank you for taking the tour with me,
I tried to get a shot of the old buggy, but
it didn't turn out so great.


Jake's a Girl said...

About 30-mins. from our house is a place called Grassy Mountain. My family use to camp at the old CC camp there. At the bottom is a great swimming spot and at the top is a beautiful lake. I've not been there in years. After seeing your pictures I think hubby and I will have to make a trip across. :)

Jake's a Girl

Kim said...

You must have been going across the mountain about the same time we were. We went to pick Skylar up at VBS and got poured on.

Terra said...

That was a scenic route for you to take as you delivered the guitars.