Monday, September 30, 2013

POISON by Jordyn Redwood

ISBN 978 0 8254 4212 4

This book is 2nd in a a series, Bloodline Trilogy, I have not read the first book,  PROOF, but I don't feel as if I missed anything, by not reading it first. 

Keelyn Blake is estranged from her half sister, Raven, after an incident that happened 5 years earlier, when her stepfather took the family hostage, and some were killed, before the rest were rescued.

This is a very gripping novel, you don't want to put it down, because you know another murder, or kidnapping is just a page or two away.  On a 1 to 5 star checklist, I'd give this 5 stars, because you cannot wait to find out what comes next.

I was given a copy of this book by Kregel Publications to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  I am not required to give a positive review, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Friday, September 27, 2013


This is wild mother cat's 2nd litter of kittens.
at the time she had the first litter, we also had another cat, who had tiny kittens, and the other cat ended up with both sets of kittens, and they both fed them.  I'd forgotten that she had help.

Well, this time, she had no help, and either her milk is very poor, or has dried up or she is just a bad mother.  
First I took Booger, who she rejected.
Then, I took Snowflake, who was not gaining any weight, and cried constantly.  
This morning, I went out, the last 2, both males, were screaming their heads off, dirty and in a bad place for them.  
So, as of this morning, they are all in the bathtub, in a box, after having a bath and a bottle.
They are about 2 1/2 weeks old.

Left to right, red tabby male, no name yet.
White male with red ears, no name yet.
White male with no markings, that is Booger.
White with the pink legs and a bit of color on her ears is
the only female, her name is Snowflake.
She is tiny but LOUD.
The jug you see in the corner of the box, is the heater. It is filled with warm water, and changed out when it gets cool.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A new Baby

I've held off posting about our new baby, just in case something happened to him.

My white  female 'wildcat' had kittens about 2 weeks ago.  There are 4, 3 whites and a yellow and white.  On Wednesday of last week, she rejected one of the white ones.   I would find the others, and put him back with them, and I'd find him alone, again.  Finally, she let him stay. 
Thursday morning, we had a cold rain falling, and I heard a baby kitten just screaming.  I went outside to find him very cold and wet, at least 25 ft from where the mother cat had the kittens.  
I brought him in, and put him into a warm bath, to get his body temprature back up.  Then I fixed him a bottle, thankfully, I still had some kitten formula stored in the cabinet.   I made him a nest, and put a can with hot water inside to warm it, and a lid on top to keep a nosey dog from getting him.  It has been almost a week, and we are doing well, so let me introduce you to our new family member.

This is Booger, aka Snowflake.
His eyes are now fully open, and his ears 
are changing.  He is approximately 2 weeks old.
I considered stealing one of he other babies to
give him a sibling, but he is enough work, so I'm going
to raise him as an only child.
Granddaughter is holding him, she finally got her manicure.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Guitar in progress

Drilling Tuner Holes

Ready for cleanup

Fitting the electronics

About ready to take apart and put finish on it

First coat
Last Coat

Laying out the Fretboard

Maple inserts cut and ready
I didn't get a picture of gluing them in, as
my fingers were covered with glue.
and before I got back to shop to get a picture, 
Jerry had gone down, cut and sanded them flat.

Fretboard ready to sand and install

And there you have the process not including the
cutting out and shaping the blanks.

Are you ready to build one now?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Old Photos

Andrew Gross and his dog, Nebo
My great great Grandfather on my paternal Grandmothers line.

Evaline Tate Gross with Lawson
and Jim Wes
My great great grandmother on paternal grandmother's line

Samual and Virginia Bailey Henley
Great grandparents on Paternal Grandfather's line.

Samual and Virginia and 5 of their children.  I'll have to make sure of the order before posting names.

W.F Henley and Lovada E. Gross Henley
My paternal grandparents.  
Oh how I loved these two, My happiest times were spent on this porch, in the yard, or inside that wonderful old house.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Worthy Publishing
128 pages

I'm sure you will recognise the name Michael W. Smith, but maybe not as an author.  H is a noted recording artist.  He has written several books, also.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find that he is a very good author

I really had to think about the title of this book, Is there such a thing as an ORDINARY prayer?

I would highly recommend this book to a new Christain, or to a person questioning their faith, it is the kind of book that makes you think, and will help you
understand what prayer means.

I was given a copy of this book, to read and review. No other compensation was given. I am not required to give a positive review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

HE KNOWS YOUR NAME by Travis Cottrell

Published by Worthy Publishing
155 pages hard back
Introduction by Beth Moore

If you recognise the name Travis Cottrell, that isn't surprising, he is a noted singer and songwriter, and now he is a published author.  This book is an easy read, doesn't take a lot of time, but it is full of stories and and each chapter is ended with a special prayer.  It is the kind of book you'll want to pick up and reread a chapter, or just one of the prayers.  It would also be a wonderful gift for that 'new Christian', who is just now learning to walk in Christ.

One of my favorite prayers is on page 57, so I am going to print it here.

Father, Thank You for knowing my name and exactly where I am at in my life.
I know that every good and perfect gift comes from Your hand.
Help me to accept all  of the surprises You bring my way, knowing that You, in turn, are never surprised by
what happens in my life. I am so thankful  I can trust in You, Amen

Isn't that a beautiful and simple prayer!  The whole book is filled with this kind of wisdom.

I was given a copy of this book to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  I am not required to give a favorable review, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Isn't this a lovely cover.