Friday, September 13, 2013

Old Photos

Andrew Gross and his dog, Nebo
My great great Grandfather on my paternal Grandmothers line.

Evaline Tate Gross with Lawson
and Jim Wes
My great great grandmother on paternal grandmother's line

Samual and Virginia Bailey Henley
Great grandparents on Paternal Grandfather's line.

Samual and Virginia and 5 of their children.  I'll have to make sure of the order before posting names.

W.F Henley and Lovada E. Gross Henley
My paternal grandparents.  
Oh how I loved these two, My happiest times were spent on this porch, in the yard, or inside that wonderful old house.


Tete said...

love them

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful that you have all those pictures, Jettie.
I got a bit choked up at that last one thinking about the times you have talked about them and what they meant to you- xo Diana