Monday, April 30, 2012

A little Rambling and followup on Reunion

Loretta, Jennifer and Elaine


Elaine, Janelle and Paulette

Tammy (Wayne's wife)

Brenda Lou

Loretta, Lee Roy, Steve and Bill

 Lee Roy and Bill

Wayne, the chili maker
Randell (Joyce's husband) Joyce, Steve and Brigham

Joyce, Loretta,  Brenda Gayle, Jennifer, Paulette, Elaine, Janelle, and Jettie.

Now for a little Rambling.

I still have the biggest smile on my face, from getting together with all these friends on Saturday Evening.
We sure didn't feel as if we were in our 60s as we laughed, reminisced and joked.    
I've got to get around and find a place to put the photos, so everyone can upload theirs and we can order from them.  
If you've never attended a class reunion, especially if you were from a smaller school, you should consider it. 
Or hostess a Mini Reunion of just the ones you were closest to, if you were from a bigger school.
You'd be surprised what memories come floating into your mind.
Joyce and I had big plans after graduation, we were saving money to go to school and have a career.
Of course that never happened for me.  My dad insisted I go to college, which I was not ready to do, so I left home.  Am I sorry?  In some ways, yes, but I still don't think the plans he had for me, was what I wanted, either.  I've never been school teacher material, or a secretary either.
Now if I could have chosen the courses I wanted to take, creative writing, and a few others, without the other things, then yes, I may have enjoyed it.
Might have made life easier, but then, I've never really been unhappy with my life, or really needed a lot of money
that being said, no, I am not sorry.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reunion with some of my graduating class

About a month ago, I was 'friended' on facebook by a woman that was in my class 46 years ago.  We hadn't seen each other, or talked since then.  She lives in ND, but was coming down sometime to visit a brother in Little Rock, and we had planned to get together when she arrived, and invite all the girls from the class...Well, her husband offered her a plane ticket, if we could get a reunion together. Then he decided he would come with her, and they drove down this week.  Before it was all planned, we invited some of the guys too, couldn't get in touch with everyone on short notice. Out of a class of 43, with several diseased, about half showed up.   I had gotten permission to use our Fellowship Hall at church for the get together, private, and we could be as noisy as we wished.  I arrived a bit early, to make sure if anyone got lost, they could reach me, and I'd go lead them into the church parking area.

No one got lost, and the first person there was one that had never been to our reunions.  He had gotten up at 6:00am to make chili for us, and he brought enough for everyone.  He also brought 'cracklin' cornbread.  If you are a city slicker, you probably don't know what that is, so you can ask. His wife was a sweetie, really like her, and hope to visit her again, soon.

Next to arrive was the girl who was from ND, and she and her husband brought 'beans, corn and cherry pie', which was a meal we were served at school at least once a week, I'd kidded that was what we should have

Then several arrived, and you cannot imagine the laughter, joy and some tears, from people, in their 60s, as we are.  Then I got a surprise, a woman walked up and told me she had been so glad to hear from me, and hugged my neck.  I didn't have a clue, until someone said ELAINE!  One of my bestest friends from school.. She had told me she doubted she could attend.    You want to see a picture?  Sure you do!

The girl standing on the far left, Brenda, is one day younger than me, standing on far right.

Far left male, Steve, is a musician with his own recording studio, so he brought each of us 4 CDs of his music.  Lee Roy, far right, is more interested in his camera than the two 'gals' with hands on his shoulder, the one next to me is his wife, Loretta
I think you can see by the real smiles, that we'd just had a blast, and plan on doing another one, in a year or so.
 To all my classmates, those that were there, and those that couldn't attend, God Bless and Keep you  until we get to do this again...
No this isn't the only photo I have, but I didn't want to bore my 'fans'.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Before Nana Diana sez it...and cheap entertainment

She is always wondering how I manage to read so many books, and get other things that I do, done, too.   Diana, I'm a fast reader.  If the book is good, I can manage to go from front to back in just a few hours...She also wonders how I can get so many good books, that I rate highly...well, I'm pretty choosy about my reading, so I no longer take a book that I feel may not be something I would enjoy.  You'll find a few books that I've given a less than stellar rating.

Now for the cheap entertainment...Huckleberry is a 12 year old dog, who loves peanut butter.  This morning I gave him the jar that had been emptied, and he spent a couple of hours carrying it around and 'snacking' on the contents.    Buddy the mini Doxie prefers his on a spoon or cracker, thank you.  You can manage to give them a 'horse pill', if it is covered in peanut butter.  I usually use crunchy, when I'm giving medications, they don't notice the larger lump with the peanut pieces.

Wish You Were Here by Beth Vogt

Just a few days before her wedding, in an unguarded moment, Allison Denman kisses her brother in law to be, Daniel, while he is getting ready to move boxes to her future home.
The day of the wedding, Allison gets almost all the way to Seth, her fiance, before she turns and runs away, stealing her best friend's car, and driving aimlessly for hours, still wearing her overpriced wedding gown, that she never cared for, anyway.
What is wrong with her?  She's dated  Seth for 6 years, and he had their future planned out.  Seth tries to win her back, and she goes to her aunt's home, to hide again.

When I saw the cover of this book, I was afraid it would be one of those 'change the names and location' books, with the rest of the story pretty predictable.  It isn't that way at all, and I am glad to say I was wrong.    It is a very enjoyable book, that even caused a few tears to flow.
I received this book to read and review, no other compensation received.  All opinions expressed here are my own, and I am not required to give a favorable review.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Rachel is 20 and unmarried, and no prospects.  After her brother's death, she had taken over his duties on the farm helping her father.   She doesn't care for cleaning and cooking., preferring to be outside.  When her father hires Jordan, the son of an Amish woman who left the faith to marry a truck driver, who then proceeds to run off and leave them.   and relieves her of her 'outdoor duties' she isn't happy.  She bakes him a pie, leaving out the sugar, hoping to run him off...
Jordan has no intention of joining the faith, he had just promised his mother, before her death, that he would visit and spend some time with her brother, before moving on with his life.
Nathaniel, God's Angel, is watching over both Rachel and Jordan, while Targus, Satan's Angel, was trying to convince them that God didn't care.
Jordan goes to meet his father, who has gotten in touch, and meanwhile, Rachel's sister, Sadie starts having problems and dies when her baby daughter is born, leaving her husband, Timothy, with  a newborn and no one to take care of it.    Rachel steps in, and Timothy soon relies on her fully to care for the child.
Will Rachel marry Timothy, or will her heart direct her to Jordan, and will he return?

I thoroughly enjoyed the conflict of 'good versus evil' in this story.  I think Mrs. Reid did a wonderful mob weaving this story, and I'll be waiting for her next book to come out, so I can read it, too.

I received this book from Booksneeze to read and review, no other compensation was given.  I'm not required to give a favorable review, all opinions expressed here are my own.

EReaders and Rambling and Charlie Update

I've been doing book reviews for about 2 1/2 years now, and I really enjoy doing them.  I'm going to guess that I've reviewed about 125-150 books.  Now, so many of the books are available as 'electronic' copies, and the paper copies are getting more scarce, as others latch on to them, also.  The ones I like seem to go really fast.
So yesterday, one of the companies posted a link on Facebook, to download a free Adobe program that allows you to download their books, instantly...It is called Adobe Digital Editions  here is the link

It can be used for any free books out there, I think.  I quickly downloaded it, and then downloaded my first book.  Now I want have to wait by the mailbox for a book, if it is available digitally.

Charlie is now off the Vent, and in a step down room, out of ICU.  His mouth is wired shut, so he isn't talking, but he is looking around and has both eyes open.  Discussions are ongoing as to his therapy, which will be at a hospital closer to home.  No time frame is in place yet, just have to wait and see how his recovery goes.  He won't be having more facial surgery, I was told.  Just keep praying for him and his family, please.  He has a long recovery ahead.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rambling and whining.....

Yesterday, we took a 2 hr drive north to the 'town' of Fox, Arkansas.  There was an auction there, and they were supposed to have a 1965 Chevy pickup that hubby had his eyes on for parts.  He was sorely disappointed when the truck was not there, and just left without waiting for the auction to start.. We then drove another 40 minutes south of there to another auction, were we discovered that some furniture will actually sell for more that it cost new, lol.  We left there without even bidding on anything, either.
We crossed the Narrows bridge across the lake, and headed toward home.  I convinced him that I needed to spend the money that I'd gotten selling the floral arrangements 3 weeks ago...So we went by Ozark Trade Center where I proceeded to spend $120 on floral supplies...No I wasn't out, but he doesn't go into my flower room, so he isn't complaining.

This morning I went to church, granddaughter walked up and told me she had busted her hip...How you ask, does an 8 girl fall hard enough, in the bathroom, to actually split the skin on her hip, and put a knot on her head...No one knows, she is just graceful like her granny, we think.

Now for the whining...I've used picassa for a long time, always liked it and was always easy to use.   They 'improved' it recently, and now I can only get 1 photo to post in each blog.  Does anyone have another program that they use with Blogger?

On Thursday, we will celebrate our 43rd Anniversary...
For some reason, I don't see this cute couple in the mirror anymore. 
 Though my hairstyle is somewhat similar. Oh, to be 20 years old, 
and know everything again...This photo was taken on our 'almost' first date.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Lily

When I bought this on Easter Sunday, it had 6 buds.
Today # 4 opened, so we have 2 more to go.  They are beautiful, and fills the room with
a wonderful smell.
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Gardening 101

 We have so much grass that gets into the flowers, that I decided to do mine in containers this year.  The wire is to keep the wild cats that depend on me for food, from using planters as a bathroom. 

Notice the gray stone with the green rim on it.  That stone is my husband's grandfather's original grave marker. It was removed when his 2nd stone was placed, and no one knew it ever existed.  Well, #2 stone was removed, and a 3rd stone placed, and the #2 stone disappeared.  When someone said they had found a grave marker under a house, we thought it was the one that had disappeared.  We went to pick it up, and found that it wasn't that stone at all, but the original one. 

The 'square tub' is an old family 'heirloom' lol, there used to be a pair, but now only one, and it is full of Lupine, hope they do well.

The round one is full of 4 O'Clock, or Marvel of Peru...they've grown double in about 4 days.
The Hollyhock is different shades of pink, I hope the black ones bloom next year.
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COVENANT CHILD by Terri Blackstock

Thomas Nelson Publishing

When their father and grandparents are killed in a plane crash, Amanda, the stepmother, intended to raise his 3 year old  twins as her own.  But, the twins grandparents on their mother's side, seeing $$$$$$ signs, fought and won $10,000,000 and the twins.  They were raised on Goodwill and dry cereal while their grandparents gambled away the money.  All the time, Amanda was working to get the girls back, and protecting their fortune for them, but the grandparents made her out to be something evil, because they wanted the rest of the fortune that their father's parents had left.
I loved this book, it is an amazing insight into what sometimes happens when greed takes over instead of love and compassion.  In fact, I think I can safely say that Terri Blackstock has become a star in my Author list.
I have reviewed 3 of her books, and they get better and better with each one.

I received this book from BookSneeze  to read and review.  No other compensation was given.  I'm not required to give a favorable review, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Charlie Update

His surgery went well last night, and they are weaning him off the vent, hopefully it will be gone by Sunday, waiting to see.  He is also going to be weaned off the medication that keeps him in a coma, though his wife feels that it is a little soon.  They have wired his jaw shut to heal, hopefully that  will heal quickly.

Keep praying, please.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm so mad I could spit....

I told you about the kittens, and how they got moved, they've been moved again. And mom, whichever did the moving, left one of them out in the cold.  I found it yesterday morning and warmed it up in water, dried it, and tried to get mom to take it back.  No such luck, tried the other mom, she ignored it and hissed at me.   I put it in a warm spot and hoped one would take it, found it cold again this morning, and still alive.  I'm feeding it, and it has 'done it's jobs',   much to my surprise.   It is only about 6 days old, so I'm not expecting it to live long.  This isn't the first one they've 'left', one got left in the cold rain, I found it, warmed it in warm water, then dried it with the hair dryer...That one was about 14 days old and the mom took it back...

I've been 'tub' gardening, and now that I found my battery charger, I'll get some pictures of the planters.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Charlie information

I talked to his mom again, this morning.  His facial surgery will be late tomorrow.  Seems they've put it off because his lungs were bruised, and they wanted them to heal a bit before they knocked him out for surgery.  She also said that she appreciates all the prayers that are going up for him, they were surely needed.  
She will call me on Friday morning, since they figure the surgery will run quite late.  As soon as I hear anything I'll post it here, and Diana can put a link to it, or copy it, either one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nephew Update and some ramblings

Talked to Charlie's dad last night, they started preparing him for the facial surgery yesterday.  they did a tracheotomy to replace the vent connection that was put in when he first got to the hospital.   They said he had more and worse injuries than first thought, when they got him to hospital.  I think, according to the report, that his surgery will be sometime today, but not sure. Just keep him and his family in your prayers.  I'll update when I hear anything.

Stop Thief!!
We have a thief in our midst.  His name is Huckleberry, a 12 year old JRT (Jack Russell Terrier).  Never have we had a problem with him getting into the trash, until the last couple of months.  As soon as we goo to bed, we hear things rattling around, now.  And, this morning, he'd done a magic trick.  I keep a towel in my chair, and when we are out of the room, I keep a box setting in it, to discourage it becoming a dog bed.  It is a lift chair, and they aren't cheap, so I'd like to keep it clean and nice as long as possible.   Well, this morning, I walked into the living room, and there was the towel in the floor in front of the chair.  The box, which is full of papers, cards, and craft stuff, was still setting in the chair.  Yes, he's learned to steal my towel when it is chilly.  Otherwise he parks himself on the leather love seat, to his 'dad's' dismay.

I believe that we have another nest of Cardinals in the bushes under our bedroom window, next to the front porch.  I see a female and male fly away when the door is opened.   This is the 3rd year they've nested there, and I'm going to try and get pictures of them, before they fledge.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


On Wednesday, our nephew, Charlie , fell through the roof of a commercial building, where they were repairing the roof.  He hit multiple steel beams on his way down, and landed on concrete on his face.  He is in a drug induced coma in ICU and has many broken bones, and will require facial surgery when they can do it.  He is only 42.  He is the son of hubby's youngest brother. He will have a long recovery, and I am asking that any that will, to put him on prayer list at their church.
Thank You

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning Surprise X 2

Yesterday morning hubby heard a baby kitten cry.
I almost found it, but the mother moved them before I managed to get through the 'junk.'
A little later, I spotted her going into a shed, and followed.  Here is what I found.  A white kitten.  I know there was more, but since they are only a day or so old, I left them alone.

This morning, I went back to check, and saw more than one

Mom in the bed with the kittens.  The cat on the left is the mom of the
cat on the right.  And I suspect she's had her kittens in the same spot, or her's didn't make it and she's moved in on her daughter's babies.
I have had cats steal each other's babies, and I have had a cat accept another litter, and raise them.
But I've never had 2 in the same 'nest' before.

My first cat was a white one, named Snowball.  I was about 3 or so, and I had a toy piano, which Snowball loved to play. 
I have had one other solid white cat about 35 years ago, a stray that someone gave me when they saw I liked white cats.  I put that one in a tub of water, because he'd been hanging around a service station, and was quite dirty.  He took the bath willingly the first time, the 2nd time, he wasn't so willing, and he never got another bath.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

Published by Thomas Nelson

When one of their children got into trouble in Houston, Brad and Darlene Henderson moved their family to Round Top Texas, to the house that had been Darlene's grandparents. They thought out in the country, drugs and the fast crowd wouldn't be a problem.  Darlene went to work in a private school for autistic and handicapped children, and fell in love with the job and the little girl she was teaching.
When they discovered Grace, their older daughter had a cutting problem, Darlene and Brad disagreed in how to handle things, and Darlene quit her job, to be home.

For some reason, I find writing the review for this book, tougher than usual.  It is a good book, but a lot is going on in it, which is central to the story.   I really enjoyed the way the story wound around, and cried right along with Darlene at many points.

I recieved this book from BookSneeze to read and review.  I receive no other compensation.  I am not required to give a favorable review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.