Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reunion with some of my graduating class

About a month ago, I was 'friended' on facebook by a woman that was in my class 46 years ago.  We hadn't seen each other, or talked since then.  She lives in ND, but was coming down sometime to visit a brother in Little Rock, and we had planned to get together when she arrived, and invite all the girls from the class...Well, her husband offered her a plane ticket, if we could get a reunion together. Then he decided he would come with her, and they drove down this week.  Before it was all planned, we invited some of the guys too, couldn't get in touch with everyone on short notice. Out of a class of 43, with several diseased, about half showed up.   I had gotten permission to use our Fellowship Hall at church for the get together, private, and we could be as noisy as we wished.  I arrived a bit early, to make sure if anyone got lost, they could reach me, and I'd go lead them into the church parking area.

No one got lost, and the first person there was one that had never been to our reunions.  He had gotten up at 6:00am to make chili for us, and he brought enough for everyone.  He also brought 'cracklin' cornbread.  If you are a city slicker, you probably don't know what that is, so you can ask. His wife was a sweetie, really like her, and hope to visit her again, soon.

Next to arrive was the girl who was from ND, and she and her husband brought 'beans, corn and cherry pie', which was a meal we were served at school at least once a week, I'd kidded that was what we should have

Then several arrived, and you cannot imagine the laughter, joy and some tears, from people, in their 60s, as we are.  Then I got a surprise, a woman walked up and told me she had been so glad to hear from me, and hugged my neck.  I didn't have a clue, until someone said ELAINE!  One of my bestest friends from school.. She had told me she doubted she could attend.    You want to see a picture?  Sure you do!

The girl standing on the far left, Brenda, is one day younger than me, standing on far right.

Far left male, Steve, is a musician with his own recording studio, so he brought each of us 4 CDs of his music.  Lee Roy, far right, is more interested in his camera than the two 'gals' with hands on his shoulder, the one next to me is his wife, Loretta
I think you can see by the real smiles, that we'd just had a blast, and plan on doing another one, in a year or so.
 To all my classmates, those that were there, and those that couldn't attend, God Bless and Keep you  until we get to do this again...
No this isn't the only photo I have, but I didn't want to bore my 'fans'.


Tete said...

I am so glad that you had you get together. You look like such a fun bunch and more photos would not bore us at all!

NanaDiana said...

Jettie- What a wonderful reunion. There is one for three of our classes this summer in PA and I am trying to figure out if I can make it there.

How wonderful that so many people showed up. Time is kind of the great "leveler", isn't it? The kids that were cool and popular are now as old as everyone else.

I haven't had cracklin' corn bread since I left Florida~ xo Diana