Thursday, April 26, 2012

EReaders and Rambling and Charlie Update

I've been doing book reviews for about 2 1/2 years now, and I really enjoy doing them.  I'm going to guess that I've reviewed about 125-150 books.  Now, so many of the books are available as 'electronic' copies, and the paper copies are getting more scarce, as others latch on to them, also.  The ones I like seem to go really fast.
So yesterday, one of the companies posted a link on Facebook, to download a free Adobe program that allows you to download their books, instantly...It is called Adobe Digital Editions  here is the link

It can be used for any free books out there, I think.  I quickly downloaded it, and then downloaded my first book.  Now I want have to wait by the mailbox for a book, if it is available digitally.

Charlie is now off the Vent, and in a step down room, out of ICU.  His mouth is wired shut, so he isn't talking, but he is looking around and has both eyes open.  Discussions are ongoing as to his therapy, which will be at a hospital closer to home.  No time frame is in place yet, just have to wait and see how his recovery goes.  He won't be having more facial surgery, I was told.  Just keep praying for him and his family, please.  He has a long recovery ahead.


Tete said...

Poor Charlie! I hope he gets better and heals super fast. That has to be so painful. Recovery takes time, and major effort, so you know he will be in my prayers.
I am not sure about digital books or how to do them. I like having the real thing in front of me, don't you?
How's your day going? Hope you take some time to read with your feet up.

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful about the ebook thing! Amazing where technology has taken us, isn't it?

If it's alright I will post an update on Charlie on Sunday. I have a friend that is asking for a prayer request for that day so I will include his update.

Hope your day has been a good one. xo Diana