Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning Surprise X 2

Yesterday morning hubby heard a baby kitten cry.
I almost found it, but the mother moved them before I managed to get through the 'junk.'
A little later, I spotted her going into a shed, and followed.  Here is what I found.  A white kitten.  I know there was more, but since they are only a day or so old, I left them alone.

This morning, I went back to check, and saw more than one

Mom in the bed with the kittens.  The cat on the left is the mom of the
cat on the right.  And I suspect she's had her kittens in the same spot, or her's didn't make it and she's moved in on her daughter's babies.
I have had cats steal each other's babies, and I have had a cat accept another litter, and raise them.
But I've never had 2 in the same 'nest' before.

My first cat was a white one, named Snowball.  I was about 3 or so, and I had a toy piano, which Snowball loved to play. 
I have had one other solid white cat about 35 years ago, a stray that someone gave me when they saw I liked white cats.  I put that one in a tub of water, because he'd been hanging around a service station, and was quite dirty.  He took the bath willingly the first time, the 2nd time, he wasn't so willing, and he never got another bath.


Tete said...

Well, I'll be darned. I have never seen 2mama's in one nest before either. My cousin had a solid white cat named snowball, too. Had one eye that got snake bit and it turned blue like a marble.
I had one a few years ago, but let her go up for adoption because they are highly sought after here and I knew she would have a good home. We opted to keep the one that might not get adopted.
Well, have fun with those babies.

NanaDiana said...

I have never seen two females in one nest with kittens either. How odd...maybe because they are mother and daughter. We only had one white cat that I can remember as a kid. We had lots of tabbies and calicos and blues on the farm where I grew up. I loved them all. xo Diana

Patty Patterson said...

I've never seen two cats in the same nest, either. But, when I was a kid we had a Momma cat get hit by a tractor and our dog took her kittens and raised them. It had at one time had several litters of puppies, but it was an older dog and hadn't had any or nursed any in a few years. That maternal instinct is amazing. She nursed those babies, gave milk, licked them clean and did as well as any Momma cat ever could have. She was a Chihuahua. Not my favorite breed, but my parents liked them and always had a couple running around.