Friday, April 20, 2012

Gardening 101

 We have so much grass that gets into the flowers, that I decided to do mine in containers this year.  The wire is to keep the wild cats that depend on me for food, from using planters as a bathroom. 

Notice the gray stone with the green rim on it.  That stone is my husband's grandfather's original grave marker. It was removed when his 2nd stone was placed, and no one knew it ever existed.  Well, #2 stone was removed, and a 3rd stone placed, and the #2 stone disappeared.  When someone said they had found a grave marker under a house, we thought it was the one that had disappeared.  We went to pick it up, and found that it wasn't that stone at all, but the original one. 

The 'square tub' is an old family 'heirloom' lol, there used to be a pair, but now only one, and it is full of Lupine, hope they do well.

The round one is full of 4 O'Clock, or Marvel of Peru...they've grown double in about 4 days.
The Hollyhock is different shades of pink, I hope the black ones bloom next year.
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NanaDiana said...

How interesting about that tombstone. The 2nd one ever did turn up then? I wonder why the first one was put under the house in the first place? How odd!

I can't believe how well all of your plants are doing. The only thing blooming here are daffodils and I see a few of my tulips made it. xo Diana