Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rambling and whining.....

Yesterday, we took a 2 hr drive north to the 'town' of Fox, Arkansas.  There was an auction there, and they were supposed to have a 1965 Chevy pickup that hubby had his eyes on for parts.  He was sorely disappointed when the truck was not there, and just left without waiting for the auction to start.. We then drove another 40 minutes south of there to another auction, were we discovered that some furniture will actually sell for more that it cost new, lol.  We left there without even bidding on anything, either.
We crossed the Narrows bridge across the lake, and headed toward home.  I convinced him that I needed to spend the money that I'd gotten selling the floral arrangements 3 weeks ago...So we went by Ozark Trade Center where I proceeded to spend $120 on floral supplies...No I wasn't out, but he doesn't go into my flower room, so he isn't complaining.

This morning I went to church, granddaughter walked up and told me she had busted her hip...How you ask, does an 8 girl fall hard enough, in the bathroom, to actually split the skin on her hip, and put a knot on her head...No one knows, she is just graceful like her granny, we think.

Now for the whining...I've used picassa for a long time, always liked it and was always easy to use.   They 'improved' it recently, and now I can only get 1 photo to post in each blog.  Does anyone have another program that they use with Blogger?

On Thursday, we will celebrate our 43rd Anniversary...
For some reason, I don't see this cute couple in the mirror anymore. 
 Though my hairstyle is somewhat similar. Oh, to be 20 years old, 
and know everything again...This photo was taken on our 'almost' first date.


Tete said...

Jettie, I have all of my photos on my pc and upload from my own photo files. I have never used an outside source for storage of them so have no idea on that. If you save them to a file on your pc, you can get them easily. Hope that helps.
Cute photo of you guys. I have the same wish. 20 sounds like a good age to me, too!

Patty Patterson said...

Cute picture! And it would be nice to FEEL 20 again. However, I'd rather remain the age that I am. With age you gain wisdom. But then - ignorance is bliss, so maybe being 20 again and THINKING you knew everything wouldn't be so bad.

NanaDiana said...

You were just so flipping cute...and You and I both know that the Mr. looked just like that country western star, Conway Twitty.

$120 in supplies should keep you in business for a while..but it does go fast, doesn't it?

I am one of those people that should have been named Grace (as a joke) because I always seem to have a bump or bruise or scratch with no idea how I got it. uh-huh. See, I knew we were sisters! xo Diana