Friday, April 20, 2012

Charlie Update

His surgery went well last night, and they are weaning him off the vent, hopefully it will be gone by Sunday, waiting to see.  He is also going to be weaned off the medication that keeps him in a coma, though his wife feels that it is a little soon.  They have wired his jaw shut to heal, hopefully that  will heal quickly.

Keep praying, please.


Tete said...

Glad the surgery went well. its going to take some time for him to heal, but he will. Milk shakes and ensure for that boy for awhile. He is going to be so sore when he wakes up. Still praying.

NanaDiana said...

I am still praying for Charlie, Jettie. I just can't imagine what everyone in the family is going through. xo Diana

Patty Patterson said...

I'm still praying. Now for quick healing and comfort from pain.