Friday, April 27, 2012

Before Nana Diana sez it...and cheap entertainment

She is always wondering how I manage to read so many books, and get other things that I do, done, too.   Diana, I'm a fast reader.  If the book is good, I can manage to go from front to back in just a few hours...She also wonders how I can get so many good books, that I rate highly...well, I'm pretty choosy about my reading, so I no longer take a book that I feel may not be something I would enjoy.  You'll find a few books that I've given a less than stellar rating.

Now for the cheap entertainment...Huckleberry is a 12 year old dog, who loves peanut butter.  This morning I gave him the jar that had been emptied, and he spent a couple of hours carrying it around and 'snacking' on the contents.    Buddy the mini Doxie prefers his on a spoon or cracker, thank you.  You can manage to give them a 'horse pill', if it is covered in peanut butter.  I usually use crunchy, when I'm giving medications, they don't notice the larger lump with the peanut pieces.


Patty Patterson said...

I've given my dog empty water bottles to play with before but I never thought about the peanut butter jar. I'm going to have to try that one!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- You brat! I KNEW you were a fast reader...but I couldn't figure out how you got so many GOOD I know.

That is hysterical about your dog...I can just see the tongue wrapping around the inside of that jar trying to get every last bit.

Hope you had a good day- I had a busy one- xo Diana