Wednesday, July 04, 2012

LEGACY ROAD by Graham Garrison

Published by Kregel Publications
215 pages

This is the story of secrets, each person in this story has a secret, whether small or large.
Wes Watkins is a free lance reporter, who is in his late 20s and unmarried. His parents had divorced when he was young, his father had ended up in prison.
He is dating  Emmy Stewart, a nurse who is in the service, and will soon go back to training to return to Afghanistan for another tour of duty.  When Wes asked her to marry him, she wasn't ready.  She had not yet told him her secret.
Janet, Wes's mother, also has a secret, which she hopes Wes never finds out about.
Ron, Wes's father has also been keeping a secret, but he wants a reconciliation with his son, to make up for the time he's spent in prison, and not been a father...

This is not a story with one main character, but a story where all of the characters interact, and keep you guessing about what is about to happen.
There are very few books that I would read again, but this is one of the few that I will.
It is very  intriguing, and I think anyone who loves a believable story, would really enjoy this book.   I could have sat down and read it in one setting, it is that good.

I received this book from Kregel Publications for my honest review.  No other compensation was given.  I am not required to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

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Patty Patterson said...

I'll have to keep this one in mind the next time I am looking for a book. Since getting an e-reader and beginning to purchase books electronically, I've found I've gotten more and more lemons. I guess that's because at a real bookstore you flip through the pages and you have at least a clue what you are getting. Now, with the e-books, I've decided not to purchase anything unless I know and love the author or someone recomends it to me. That way, maybe most of the books I end up with will be good ones.
And I think you're the one who recomended Terri Blackstock with Covenant Child. I read it and the whole Cape Harbor series. I love her books.