Friday, July 27, 2012

Learning to be a Mom

Learning to be a mom at 9 years old is a large learning curve.
You find that not everyone considers that your baby
needs certain items.

Yesterday, in the local Kroger store, Skylar wondered  where to find the kitten diapers.
The store employee looked at us a little funny, and said he didn't think they had any in stock.
I think he probably asked someone if there was any such item, as he walked away.

And we keep telling her he needs to be left out on the grass for awhile to do his business.
This morning, she took him out, came back in a few minutes and said he'd gone to the bathroom.
Well, a few minutes later she brought him to me, and I almost told her he needed to go back out.
Too late, he'd used his blanket as a potty, lol.  Which meant he needed a bath, and his blanket needed washed.
Then we took him out to let him nurse his mom, and Skylar found the rest of the litter down in the 4 wheeler tires that dh has stacked beside the woodpile.  She managed to get one of them, and I just flat told her no way would we consider 2 of them in the house.  Mom had raised kittens before, and she knew what she was doing.
I'm not so sure about that, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I did give in and bring Fluff in last night when it was thundering.  Was afraid he would get wet, if it rained and get pneumonia... He's getting quite playful, and anything that moves, including your mouth, is attackable.
We did get about .3 inch of rain last night, enough to settle the dust.


Tete said...

Tell her that mom does know best and its best for those babies to be outside. Your baby is probably still young enough to go after being stimulated, but its time for a poopy box of instant oatmeal. It will know what to do.
Baby shampoo is good for the kitten, and won't sting if it gets in the eyes.
If that kid finds kitten diapers, let me know. Could use them, too.
Baby animals teach kids so many things about life, so I always love it when someone takes a child by the hand and walk them through the growing process.

NanaDiana said...

I love how much Skylar is mothering that baby. How funny about the diapers though! I hope Fluff fits right in with the whole family and the dogs don't go crazy around him/her.

Hope you have a good night, Jettie- xo Diana