Thursday, July 26, 2012

Morning surprise

Hubby came to the house on Tuesday morning, and asked me to help him for a minute..

So I follow him down to the shop, and he asked me to move some things he had found.
Of course, Skylar grabbed as many as she could and brought them all into the house.They have teeth, and can eat soft food.
There are 5 of this color, some just a bit darker than the others.  
The one in the corner, mom donated  to the kids, lol.
She hid all the rest, and this one was left.  She comes back and feeds it
but refuses to take it to the new hiding place.

So 'Fluffy' gets to eat in the house, sleep in Skylar's shirt, and he now thinks she is his 'mom'.
She cried when I told her he could not stay in the house, as the dogs wouldn't allow it.
He's been known to sleep in the bathtub on a towel.
He still nurses when his mom comes to the house, to eat and feed him.
But he doesn't even try to follow her off.

Since I have lost Pink, who disappeared about 2 months ago, I think I'll keep this one to love on, if it is allowed.

BTW, Skylar 'spanked' mom for being mean to her baby, lol.


Tete said...

Looks like a bundle of fun. I think you should keep them all in the house and let the dogs sleep in a closet. LOL
Oh, I hope you all have fun with the little one you are going to be loving on.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Aren't they cute???? I love that Skylar is a MOM now. I would be keeping that one, too, Jettie. Hope you had a good day. I got caught in terrible storms on the way back and had to pull off side the road twice and sit for at least 15 mins each time. I am NOT complaining because we have been desperate for the rain- xo Diana

Patty Patterson said...

What a cute surprise! Who doesn't love a cuddly kitten?