Thursday, July 12, 2012  
cooper 105.5

My grandson has set up his own radio station online, he has 1 advertiser and 211 followers...And for his 200th follower, that person got to rename him for 3 days.  It turned out to be one of his friend's mother, and she renamed him Sweet Cheeks   He's on for 30 minutes at a time, and has 20 hours air time free.  After that, he'll  need to pay $10 for a years air time.  I'm thinking of paying it, but then, that means my computer is tied up while he is broadcasting, or poppy's....
He plays Christian music, have you heard of 11th hour?  How about His Song?  Both are groups that we've had at our church, and both are quite good


I'm waiting until grandson figures out how to sing and play live online, too.  He plays guitar and sings quite well.  He's part of a quartet at church, their ages range from 12 to 4 years old, and none of them are afraid of a microphone.

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NanaDiana said...

How great is that! What a wonderful thing for a kid his age to do. got a SweetCheeks now, too? lol I hope he can figure out to sing and play online. xo Diana