Saturday, July 14, 2012

Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson

When Lily Corbett graduated medical school, she was offered a position to 'shadow' a retiring doctor in the coal mining community of Skip Rock Kentucky, not too far from where she grew up.  When she arrived, she found that the doctor had died and that the people didn't 'take' to a woman doctor.  A mine collapse, and saving the leg of her patient, helped some, but not a lot.  A strange man in town drew her attention, he didn't want her to know who he was, since he had known her as a child, when his father had kidnapped her.  He didn't think she would keep his secret, that he was working to get the mines safer for the workers.

When I started reading this book, some of the story seemed familiar.  Then I realized that I had read the story of Lily as a child in STILL HOUSE POND.  And I still have that book, because it is one that I want to pass on to my granddaughter when she is a year or so older.  Now I have a 2nd book to share with her.

Another great book from Tyndale Publishing and Jan Watson.

I received this book free, to read and review from the publisher, no other compensation was given. I'm not required to give a favorable review, an     d all opinions expressed here are my own.

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