Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dogs Cats and a Kid

I'm using green, because we don't have much of it here, with the 100 degree heat and no water falling from the sky.
A few days ago, Skylar decided to show off, 
how short she is, so she put a wig on, that I found in some 'stuff' from an auction...

Then she coaxed Huckleberry to sit still
and model the wig.  He is a grouchy almost 13 year old dog, but he puts up with her foolishness without complaining.
I finally coaxed this silly thing
to sit still long enough to show you 
his stripes.  His dad must be a 
Siamese because his mother is a 
Red Tabby.
Look at his ice blue eyes.
The backs of his ears are the tabby color, too.  He wouldn't turn his head afraid I might
grab him, and I would, if I had on heavy leather gloves and lots of band aids.
And last but not least, is BuddyBoo
the miniature Doxie eating watermelon.
not a great photo, but it's hard feeding him and getting a good shot at the same time.

BTW, the cats had just been eating corn on the cob, before I started snapping photos.
Around here, you never know what they'll eat, and this was some corn someone else fixed, and it was not as sweet as the Candy Corn we like to eat.


NanaDiana said...

OMGosh-THAT is a funny picture of Skylar. How "short/tall" is she?;>)

I love that cat- what unusual markings and those eyes are so unusual. Funny- I have never seen cats eat corn on the cob-guess they aren't as FUSSY as you two!;>)

Have a great night, Jettie- xo Diana

Tete said...

Is the white cat deaf? You know they say the ear with the blue eye they are usually deaf in and with both blue eyes- she might be completely deaf. That would explain her wariness.
Love the dogs! That wig is great fun and Skyler looks a little shorter here. Maybe some trick photography going on or is she on her knees?

Jettie said...

No he isn't deaf, he is rotten, and refuses to have anything to do with us. Feral cat, I guess you could say.