Monday, October 10, 2011

Sassafras Tea and

Well no, I haven't been drinking Sassafras Tea yet this year, and probably won't, but I do enjoy watching the leaves change on the Sassafras tree out in the corner of the yard.

And across the street, the Sumac bushes and the Golden Rod are turning colors, too.

Yesterday, while heading to church, I noticed 2 different 'clumps' of the 
Sumac within 10 ft of each other, one was really red
the other was more orange.
I don't know if it is two different types of Sumac, or if it
is just a variation in the soil.

Soon more things will start to change color here, and I'll take my camera along, and post more photos.


Tete said...

You can really spot the sumac this time of year. Have some down by the railroad and Craig brought some photos home of it. I told him to stay away from it. Then driving yesterday, you wouldn't believe how much is growing in town along property lines!
My dad, if he was in his right mind, could tell you what the difference is. He used to dig it for pharmaceutical companies and made some pretty good money at it back in the 80s. Bought a 4 wheeler one year with his money.
Hope you are having a good day! I am!

NanaDiana said...

I don't think we have sassafrass trees here. Do you know that I loved that soda when I a kid...Saspirilla AND white birch beer. So good.

I didn't know they used sumac for drugs of any kind (Tete's post above) but I always love the pop of color it adds to the road side. We were always warned away from it because it was poisinous.

Pretty Fall colors, Jettie! xo Diana