Monday, November 25, 2019

Updating things.

I'm 5 months and 2 weeks past my last surgery, and the hip is doing good.  I finished my antibiotics in October, and saw the infectious disease specialist.  He released me, so all is good for now, well except for my back, which will probably never be good.

In September, we got word that Jerry's sister was ill and in the hospital, and things were not going well.  So Kim, our older daughter, told us she was ready to go see her Aunt Betty and we could ride with her.  I'm glad she did the driving, because she is a good driver.   We got there and Betty was alert and talking and happy to see us.  They allowed all of us to go in and see her, which isn't usually allowed in ICU, we got to be there when the doctors showed up, and told us that it was just a matter of days.  The meds were not working and she would get sicker as the days passed.  Betty had told everyone she was ready, and tired of being in pain. The family decided on Saturday morning to go for Comfort Care,  and she passed away Sunday morning.  That meant another trip to Missouri, and they had asked Kim's husband to be a pallbearer, and Julie, our other daugher was going too.  So we all loaded up the morning of the funeral and headed north again.   It was a good trip, considering the circumstances, and we got back home about 7pm that night.  and we were tired, but glad we had gotten a chance to say goodbye.

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