Tuesday, June 04, 2019


For the past 13 years we have had this little stinker, he was a 2 year old when we got him, his name was brody, which I disliked so I changed it to Buddy, then we added the boo.  Well shortly after he arrived he managed to get into our bedroom without making a sound, so we added the Whodini.  When he arrived, he had been crated his whole life, and we were his 3rd home.  I made him a promise he would never be crated again, and this was his home for the rest of his life.  Sunday night, that time came.  He was showing his age, and having some issues walking at times.  Other times he would take off down the steps like a young pup.  I hated losing him, but I know that he is at the Rainbow Bridge with all the others that have gone on before, waiting to see us again. 
So long until we meet again.

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