Friday, August 19, 2011

Those Rose colored Memories of Childhood

I just read a friend's blog, and it brought back so many memories of my childhood, and the time I spent at my Paternal grandparent's home.  

I was named for their daughter who had died at about 22 years old, so I was grandma's favorite grandchild.
I guess that may have made some of the other grands feel a little left out, but since I wasn't anyone else's favorite, I loved it, and still appreciate the love they gave me, unconditionally.
They lived in an old 2 story farmhouse, in the outskirts of a very small community, population 79.
Everyone knew everyone, and their business.
So, If I wanted to walk to the corner about 1/2 mile east, to my friends house, I could go, or the other direction, about 1/4 mile west, to another friends, that was alright too. Just be sure and get permission, and don't be an hour late coming home.
I remember the one and only time that I didn't do what I was supposed to do, go play in the old schoolhouse playground with a friend. She wanted me to go to her house, so I did, and when time was up, and grandmother shouted for me to come home, I wasn't to be found.  Of course, she suspected that I was at Sharon's house, who I was playing with, but that wasn't where I was supposed to be.
She brought a small switch, and I went home quickly.  I think she gave me 3 'licks' but the worst was, I knew she'd tell dad.    And he didn't give 'licks' he used a big belt.

The house had a porch around half of the house, and in the southwest corner was a bunch of small trees, I think they may have been mulberry, they had larger leaves.  We used that area as a play house, every kid in the neighborhood, at one time or another, played there.  On the southeastern side of the steps and the east side of the house, grandpa planted flowers, he was the gardener, and he loved flowers.  He knew the names of every wild and tame flower in the country.  And nothing dared not grow for him.  Some people just have that touch.  He also knew birds, and he'd stand quietly in the hollyhocks and watch the hummingbirds.  I remember once, he caught a small hummingbird in his hands, a Ruby Throat, as I remember, and gently put it in my hands, telling me to be careful, so that I could feel the beat of it's small wings, and see for myself how tiny they were.  I held it just a few seconds, and he told me to open my hands so it could fly.

The porch was a gathering place for anyone who happened to pass by, usually they would stop and visit. 
I doubt those doors were ever locked.

My grandparents were married 71 years grandmother passed just a few days before their anniversary.  When they told grandfather she was gone, he said I'm ready to go too,  and he did, about 2 months later.  She was 86 and he was 94.

I hope you aren't bored, there are no pictures, just in my mind, and I can't share those, though I wish I could.


Tete said...

You painted the scenes perfectly with your words and I could see the porch and you, your grandpa in the holly hocks and the little hummer in your hands.
Memories don't need photos.
Great share today. I miss our old farm house as much as you miss your grandparents'. Nothing like a switching. Had my share of them for sure. Not where I was supposed to be, though I was so good about 99% of the time, cuz I knew better. But that 1% is what got me into trouble everytime!
Hugs- Tete

NanaDiana said...

Wow~Maybe you didn't have PHOTOS but you sure painted word pictures here. I was right there with you and I am so glad that you had grandparents that loved you unconditionally! I bet you have thought about those childhood days thousand of times over the years.
And, if you are like me, you still miss your grandparents on some level. Being loved like that doesn't happen often in this life! xo Diana