Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rain!! Beautiful Rain!

This has been a very dry summer, so bad,
 along with the heat, 
that my garden just didn't do anything at all.
I gave up watering, and just let it go.
About 2:00AM this morning, Buddy the Doxie decided he wanted out.  
I got up, and when I got to the door, heard the glorious sound of water falling from the sky, hitting leaves and the ground.  Of course Huckleberry didn't want to get wet, and Flash wanted IN, so I wrestled for awhile, before getting back to bed.  About the time I got stretched out, there was a HUGE loud Boom, and Buddy wanted in the bedroom, to be held.
I got up this morning to a rain gauge that read just a smidge over 2 inches, the most rain we've had at one time since early May.
Thank you Lord, for your blessing of the rain.


Tete said...

So glad you finally got some! We are still waiting, but many days ahead with a chance in it.
Glad you tried the GC!

NanaDiana said...

Oh Jettie- I am so glad you got some rain. You have been so parched this year and I know that just wet the surface probably. We have had our fair share this year and as I type this I am looking at a storm on the other side of the bay that I have a feeling is headed this way. MrK is trying to get the lawn cut before it hits-xo Diana