Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Showers and Cooler weather

We got about 3/10 inch of rain, after the 2 inches we had yesterday morning. 
Our temps are down into the 90s which helps bunches, with the air conditioning.  Our house needs more insulation if we are going to deal with those 100+ days.

Yesterday evening, I went to the shop fridge to get a large cantaloupe, it was ruined, checked the gallon of milk, it was ruined.  I ended up cleaning it out, this morning, and found that it was frozen up, so hopefully it will work, once I get all the ice melted that had built up in the drains.  Didn't lose much, but sure hate the thought of my spare fridge being gone.

Julie took a tumble on her steps yesterday morning, and sprained her big toe.  She says it's better today, but she will be off work until Friday, because the doctor told her to keep it elevated.

I know, I know, no pictures...dull and boring, I promise to find some eye candy soon...

1 comment:

Tete said...

Glad you are getting some rain and wish I could send you our 70s. After 5 + weeks of heat, it is so nice.
Sorry about your fridge freezing up. That's a mess to clean up, too. Hope you can get it running with the heat.
Glad to hear that Julie is feeling better. I have sprung a big toe before and it hurts!
Hugs- Tete