Friday, August 05, 2011

Our Newest Grandson

I know that I've never mentioned that we were
getting another grandchild,
I was a little unsure as how to announce it.
But since he arrived this morning
I guess it is time to announce his birth.

Howdy Doody
his proud poppa,
I suspect Howdy looks like his

Buddy the wonder dog
had to get into the act,
so we got another picture.

Stephen started in over the weekend,
wanting a dummy,
so his dad told us to order one,
and he would pay the amount that Stephen didn't have
in his pocket. 
It arrived but we didn't tell
Stephen until he got here this morning, but somehow he knew, or suspected
and in the house he came, looking for a box or something.


Tete said...

LOL- you had me going for a minute there! So cute- HD will love his new home and think of all the hours of fun you will have with him.
Must have got the red hair from the mailman...just saying...
Have a great day!

NanaDiana said...

Jettie- I don't know HOW I missed this before. I thought for a minute there that maybe your daughter was in the process of adopting a child and you didn't want to tell anyone until it was final! I dunno- I'm thinking Howdy looks like your side of the family with that red hair and all!

I guess I missed this post earlier. I worked all day yesterday and was on call and on the phone all day today helping my co-worker work through problems. She called me 4 times at a minimum of 1/2hour each time to walk her through some processes.

Have a great night- xo Diana