Friday, August 26, 2011

Just a little trip down Memory Lane

This is Buddy, who has been with us for about 5 years.
He thought he should compute.
This was taken right after he came to live with us, he was 2 at that time.
The princess wasn't happy...
and she escaped to the shop
where poppy was February
and no coat.
The 8 1/2 inch fungi from our yard.
You'll notice there is a piece of candy on it, she was never without 'bites' 
She was about 4 at that time.
The 'Ghost Picture'
This is the Pound Puppy that
seems to have a  spirit that follows and if he isn't treated as he wishes, he
causes strange things to happen.  It was suggested that I get rid of him,
but I refused.
All three of the clowns.
2 seven year old's and a 10 year old, in this picture.
Sky clowning around,
yes, her face is dirty, it usually is.

Jd and his 'baby' who is now a
very large tomcat named
Moon Shot
that I took one morning
from the front yard.

Sky and Stephen 
their first Easter in their new house.
you can almost see to our house, from this balcony.
Almost our first date,
I think it was about date #3
42 1/2 years ago.

The only one missing that I intended to post was the one of 
Jd feeding oatmeal to Sky, they were probably about 15 months old
and he found Stephen's oatmeal, and he would give Sky a bite, then he would take a bite.
He managed to feed and eat the whole bowl without spilling a bite.

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NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love the pictures. That one of her with her eyes crossed make MY eyes hurt...Look how big and blue her eyes are in that pic!!!

And YOU are one hot Mama in that last picture...and who the heck is the country-western star that Jerry looks like? wait...wait...Conway Twitty? Right? xo Diana