Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson with Susy Flory (5 STARS)

Instead of this book being about a blind man, it is about an amazing man, who just happens to be blind.

When the first plane hits the World Trade Centers North Tower on 9-11-01, Michael Hingson was on the 78th floor, getting ready for a meeting. The building sways, and then rights itself, but, instead of waiting for someone to tell them to evacuate, he sends the people who have already arrived, out to find the stairways down, while he stays behind with David Frank, trying to shut down the computers to save their information. Then, Michael, Roselle, his guide dog, and David navigate to the center stairwell, and start down the 1463 steps down to the lobby to escape. Keeping a cool head, not getting frustrated, as more people came into the stairwell, and trying to keep others from panic, as it gets hotter, and more crowded.

He depends on Roselle to guide him, knowing she is tired, and thirsty, and needing to slow down, they keep pushing. Making it out of the North Tower, and down the street a short disance before the South Tower sways and falls.

This is an amazing story, much to my surpise, I found that Michael could ride a bicycle, and navigate much better than a lot of sighted people. The saddest part, is that so many people think that being blind means that you can't hear, aren't smart enough to order your own food, and treat you as a second class citizen.

A beautifully written story, about an amazing dog and man.

I recieved this book from Thomas Nelson publishing, through their Bookseeze program, to read and review. No other compensation was received. I am not required to give a positive review.


Tete said...

I'm back, I think...

NanaDiana said...

Oh- that sounds like an AMAZING book. I see handicapped people every day...all the time and I always ask IF and HOW MUCH help they want. I try to give them as much dignity as I would want for myself if I were in their shoes. xo Diana