Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simply Cherry Minibites

Saturday, at Wal Mart hubby was looking around in the sweet tooth department, and found
2 bite Mini Cherry 'pies'.  I think there was maybe 10 in the box for  $4.
They don't look like these, they are square shaped crust, with a spoonful of cherry pie filling on top,
and then two sides brought over and pinched together.

So I bought a Jiffy pie crust mix, which makes a double crust,
mixed it up, rolled it out, cut it into about 2.5 inch squares, and dropped the cherry filling on it, pinched it, sprinkled it with sugar, and popped them in the oven. 
It made over 20
Cherry bites....
I'd show you a picture, but.................
Well, actually, there are several left, but mine need a little bit of tweeking
to make them look nice.



Tete said...

That looks like a great idea. Have you ever used canned biscuits rolled out, filled and fried for fried pies? They are fast and great.

Jettie said...

Today, I used the rest of the filling in some crescent rolls, they are really good.

NanaDiana said...

Well, they might not be as pretty as the boxed ones...but I'll bet they tasted better~ xo Diana