Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floral arrangements for service for niece..

We received word last night that nephew's wife had passed away.  
She had cancer, so it wasn't unexpected.
I got up this morning and started making floral arrangements, I'd talked to my sister in law, they can't come down, but she said she'd send money to help pay for the arrangement.

Then when Kim heard, she said make one for them, too, 
so she and Julie are splitting the cost.

Hubby kept asking did I have enough flowers to make arrangements, or did I need to make a flying trip to the
Ozark Trade Center 
where I buy my supplies.  
Apparently he hasn't been in the 'flower room' lately.  There is a small 'trail' 
down the middle, with boxes and containers on either side, full of colorful 


Tete said...

Oh Jettie, I am so sorry for your loss. May God's hand reach down and comfort all of you as you walk through the next few days. It's the hardest thing to do, to give someone back to Heaven's Grace. Knowing that God's plan is playing out doesn't stop your hearts from breaking. What a glorious time it will be when we are all on the other side.
Hugs and prayers- Tete

NanaDiana said...

Jettie- I am so sorry to hear that she passed. I know she was fighting cancer for a long time though. Those floral arrangements are beautiful! If I die before you will you make one for me ~ (my kids will pay you!;>) You do just a wonderful, wonderful job...and I hope your relatives pay you- I know your daughters will! xo Diana