Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Morning

Both my crepe myrtles are blooming this year, at the same time.
  They've never been flush with blooms like some I have seen
and have never bloomed together.

First fungi I've seen, as it has been so dry
This one is nothing  near the 8 1/2 inch ones we usually have.

Poke Berries are bleeding purple right now.

This bush is called a Beautyberry,  it had lovely small spidery blooms in a pale 
lavender a few weeks ago.

Milo that has come up around the bird feeder.

And an old rusty grader blade near the property line
that was here, when we bought the property 33 years ago.
notice the bent and twisted alder that is next to it.
It was very quiet this morning, in all the time I was out, I only saw one
bird, which I startled, or I'd never have spotted him.
And another modification to the homemade bird feeder
it needs a couple of rivets and maybe a new stand, 
to make it good and sturdy.


Tete said...

I do not have crepe myrtle, but think it's about time I do. Love your photos and I love poke weed! I had a huge one in the south garden for years that my friends made fun of, but it was purple and I loved it- besides- it fed the birds.

NanaDiana said...

Great post and pictures, Jettie. We do not grow crepe myrtle here-just too cold but I love yours. Quite a bird feeder you got going there...can the squirrels get in it?;>) xo Diana