Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rose Colored Memories Day #3

Grandma always loved company, and when any of the out of state family came to visit, she would hostess a big 'potluck dinner'. How she managed to get the word out, with no phone, I don't know.
Everyone showed up, even the neighbors, as she made sure they were invited, whether they knew anyone there or not.  There would be anywhere from 25 to 40 people, at least.
The first of these I remember, they had an outhouse, no indoor plumbing.
Her siblings, grandpa's siblings, all 8 of their surviving children, their children, and grandchildren would show up.

I remember one of these, when I was about 9, I think.  JoAnne, my cousin just younger than me, and I were hungry.  We went to the kitchen to get something to eat, but were told to wait, and let the elder members get their plates first.  Neither of us was too happy about this, and grumbled a little too loudly, and my dad promised a belt when I got home.  He was mad, so I knew that meant a beating, not a spanking.
That is the one and only time I remember anyone speaking up on my behalf.  And I missed out on that belt.

Halloween was a special time, grandma always made popcorn balls.  This was at a time before you had to worry about razor blades or poison in treats.  All our friends loved going there, and the popcorn balls were eaten before we went elsewhere for treats.
Next stop was Uncle Oscar's house, and one year he forgot to buy candy or gum for the kids.  When we got to the door, he explained that he'd been hunting, and hadn't been to the store, so we should go to the store, and tell Mrs. Faye to let us have a piece of candy each, and put it on his ticket.  Now that would be a chance to buy a lot of candy for most kids, and charge it to him.  But no, all 14 of us traipsed up to the counter, and got some 'penny' candy or gum, and she charged it to him.

Guess I better stop for now, and get dressed for Sunday School and Church.
Then after that, we will go to the family visitation for Niece.


Tete said...

Your photos are just wonderful and your childhood tales enchanting...I can see you there. Love the penny candy, charging it- couldn't do that now a days.
I'm in here catching up- been working on fence sections this morning- got 2 done and I have to rest a little.

NanaDiana said...

Jettie- Those hydrangeas are beautiful! I love them and we can only grow the white ones here.

Who spoke up for you to your Dad so that you didn't get the belt?

Off to bed here soon...I didn't realize I had missed these posts! Sorry, sistah! xo Diana